Editor’s Letter: Perfection takes time. Especially when you are starting a Revolution. Welcome to the first full issue of CURVY Magazine. It has been six years in the making. I started CURVY as just a blog in late 2010. Just based on branding, alone, the website opened with a little over 10,000 followers.

During the first year, I fell in love with the idea of launching CURVY as a full-fledged publication. The more I pushed forward, the more I saw how much a publication like CURVY was needed. It become more than just a place I could gush about plus size fashion. It became a rally cry from deep inside to promote body diversity. The response from our following regarding the word ‘‘CURVY’’ was overwhelming. It touched so many different women who were of different sizes, shapes, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and countries. I was blown away, receiving emails from women who couldn’t of been more than a size 4 but had curves asking to model for the magazine. The next set of emails would be from women up to sizes 26. I realized, then, that CURVY had crossed over and had the ability to reach a maltitude of women. This wasn’t a potential plus size magazine anymore.

Let’s be honest, the fact remains that there has not been a plus size magazine that lasted more than a few years in print. Why would I think I could be successful where so many had tried and failed? I had a ‘jinkies’ moment and thought, ‘‘What if I didn’t make a plus size magazine, but a CURVY magazine?!’’ I soon started changing the content and branding to reflect every size woman. Every woman has a curve. It is what connects us. So, I made a declaration of no more one size fits all content. Yes, over time we got the ‘‘she is not ‘plus size’ or ‘she is too big to be a model’’’ comments. But with consistency, our following started to learn and accept that CURVY wasn’t plus sized, but for all sizes.

By 2014, I finally started the real hunt to build an editorial team, investors, and publishing partners to create a realistic, mainstream, competing publication that empowers all women. It took many meetings, flights, countless hours of pitching, me moving my family across country, a lot of trials, tribulations, tears, and a bit of hair pulling and nail biting but we are HERE!

Once again, welcome to CURVY Magazine, where you can see your favorite super model, yourself, your best friend, your sister, or even your mother grace our pages. Now, with over half a million followers, this premiere issue is the start of our monthly publication for the first time ever! Our editorials are shot, not only in the US, but in Brazil, Germany, Canada, UK, Italy, France, and Spain. I am very proud of the work our team is accomplishing around the world. It’s a REVOLUTION! I look forward to reading your feedback. And I hope our team and myself have done you proud. View the issue HERE.