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When you think opera, so much comes to mind. It’s an art form that has grown through the years blossoming some of the world’s most important performers. Now meet Elizabeth Caballero, Star of Florida Grand Opera’s La Rondine. Praised by The New York Times  and The New Yorker, she is a highly acclaimed soprano opera singer of her generation.  Ms. Caballero has a style and personality that exudes ambition and elegance. Starring in the Florida Grand Opera’s production of Giacomo Puccini’s La Rondine  with an amazing performance as Magda. Elizabeth strongly believes in loving who you are and chasing your dreams. I was impressed with her love of Curvy Magazine and her desire to share her story with me. It is behind all the makeup, rehearsals and costumes, that I got meet Elizabeth Caballero and get to know a little about how she grew up and into the world of opera.

Photo by Elsa Roberto

CS – Tell us about your background:
ELI was born in Cuba and came to Miami very young at about 3 or 4. I was raised in Miami and studied at  Miami Dade College, then transferred to the University of Miami before going to the Florida Grand Opera for training. I was then in San Francisco from 2001-2004 and worked in the San Francisco Opera.
CS – Did you always want to be a singer?  How did Opera come into play?
ELNo, I always sang as a child it because it was something for fun, at school or church choir. I never thought I could make a living off of it. I joined a Glee type program at Miami Dade College. I started training for Opera against my initial thought (beliefs) while at Miami Dade. It was when Luciano Pavarotti came to South Beach and their was an international competition. I was chosen out of  over 2,000 applicants  and went to Philadelphia to the finals. I was so shocked that he picked me after being so new to it in such a short time. I didn’t win, but it was an amazing experience that I learned a lot from.
CS – What is daily training like?   What is your health routine (voice, throat care) –

EL3 weeks of rehearsal and stressful time consuming work before the show runs. Must take care of my body, drink lots of water and min of 7 hours of sleep. I keep a pretty low fat diet to take care of acid reflux and heartburn. Eating a lot of junk food can make your hoarse and affect your voice. Recommended essential for a diet – Water. Regular exercise, running is what I like to do. When traveling, dryness is a big factor. A humidifier is a must for traveling.
CS – What is your beauty Regimen / Skincare
EL – Makeup Artists are provided and I never go to bed without washing my face. I do my best to take care as much as possible of my skin a prevent wrinkles. Since we do wear such heavy makeup on stage, this is important.
CS – If you could be doing anything else on earth, what would it be?
ELI love animals, I would have loved to be a veterinary medicine. I have two dogs.  Since traveling is essential in my career, it’s also imperative to take care of my body and voice. It can be a very lonely career because you are isolated in training at times, etc.
CS – If you were on a desert island, what would be the 3 things you couldn’t live without?
EL a)    pocket knife    b)   my dogs       c)    my boyfriend if  he behaves   🙂
CS – What would you like to say our Curvy readers:
ELIf I can do it, anybody can. I came from a very poor family from Cuba and made it on my own. It’s important to also have  a good relationship with your God. That will get you through.
I was so excited to meet and talk to Elizabeth. She was a true inspiration of what it means to follow your dreams. Now that she has fulfilled her performances for La Rondine, here is what she has coming next:

EL – Next up is Liu in Turandot w/ Austin Lyric Opera, Mimi in La Boheme w/ Central City Opera & Seattle Opera. Also coming up next season will be my first attempt at Madama Butterfly & Donna Anna in Don Giovanni. For more information, go to:

Stay tuned to the remaining upcoming programs in the Florida Grand Opera featuring such amazing productions as Rigoletto and Romeo et Juliette. Go to: for more details.

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