Last Minute Gifts from the Crafty, The Frugal, and the Unique

I love the idea of getting the most usage out of everything. Of taking something and making it into something else especially if it was something that i might have otherwise tossed.
The reporposed movement is upon us and if you have spent anytime on Youtube or Pinintrest you have seen the fabuloous things that can come from repourpposed Items. These are often very good gift ideas as well , things that show some of you in the gift. So to help you get out of Mall Hell this Holiday season I have found some great ideas for DIY gifties!
The Sweater :
Hats; Beanies are big business this year, both because of the weather ( it’s freezing in Houston , do you know that ?) and the Hipster movement. So this fantastic little Sweater Beanie is a great addition to the wardrobe of the cool or just the cold.
Scarf ; Who doesn’t love scarfs , another of the hipsters trends that makes your Grandmother happy as well! Depending on your degree of skill and ambition you can go with something super simple like the a pocket scarf or if you have patience  or a sewing machine you can try this infinity scarf and thoroughly impress your giftee when you tell them you made it! H15HGS10_endless-scarf-beauty_s3x4_lg

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