CURVY Chat: MobWives Star Renee Graziano Comes Clean!

Renee Graziano Celebrity Parents

And boy does she has a lot to say!

Seems like things are heating up with the MobWives and its only getting worse…or good for the viewers! So let me give you a quick run down on whats going on . Earlier Monday, reality blogging site AllAboutTheRealHouseWives posted a interview they did with MobWives co-star Carla Facciolo. The interview was in response to reality star Renee Graziano calling her mean, uneducated and ignorant. ( iKnow, sounds childish but believe me it gets good!) In her response, Carla gets a few things off her chest and Renee doesn’t like it one bit! She picked up the phone and gave CURVY and exclusive response to Facciolo and comes clean about her past.

(Warning: This interviews contains big people words….Renee was very upset at the time of this interview by the remarks Carla made towards her. )

Hey Renee, how are you?

Renee: I’ve been better, but nothing I cant get through.

Well that’s good to hear. I wanna jump right into this interview by bringing up the Carla interview with that one blog. Whats the hell is going on?

Renee: Carla is just being Carla, which is like I’ve said before, a filla! She taking shots at me because I said that she was ignorant about my medical condition. It’s no secret Joshyy, I suffer from depression. I know it, everyone does! It’s something I have no control over. I would give anything to be normal, but I’m not. And what people don’t know is that its not just that. I also suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD, which is a type of mental illness due to me being dissatisfied with my image. Which is why I went through the entire surgery and came out even worse. I would give both my arms and legs to bring my curves back. Shit that’s what I paid for was more curves, not to make me curve-less! Women words from experience, love your body-curves and all!

Yea, I recall that episode when you went through that horrific procedure. Terrible. So Carla begins to defend her name by bringing up your ex husband Hector Pagan and how he worked with the FED’s to get your father, Anthony Graziano, back behind bars. Kind of a low blow huh?

Renee: You got that right, cause the bitch will blow for the low! (Chuckles in her accent) What Junior (Pagan) did to my dad was not mean. It’s a part of the game, it comes with the terrority. What he did was called betrayal! Especially to one’s who loved him dearly. I’m not ashamed of his actions, hell that was months ago. Who doesn’t know that HECTOR PAGAN IS A FUCKING RAT! What he did to his son was disgusting and low and I don’t wish death on anyone, but I hope he meets GOD soon!

Wow…Speaking of GOD, Carla mentioned in the interview that, and iQuote, “For a girl who preaches the bible so much she’s definitely no saint! She more like a devil in disguise” This bitch is trying to come for you!


Renee: I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m catholic. I’m a strong believer that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future! And for Carla to comment on this subject…lets just say Im St. Michael in that picture! I would give the clothes off my son’s back to one in need. Can’t say that about you know who, the bitch always have her shirt off if you know what I mean…

LMAO! Now to address that allegations Carla says you’re on drugs and really need to get some help.

Renee: Well Joshyy you know me, I’m a real bitch so imma keep it real! I was an addict. I was addicted unfortunately to prescription pills,especially Xanax. I have also dabbled in the rich white drug, cocaine. What bitch haven’t? I saw the effect that this had on my life, and for the sake of my son, I sought treatment. And just as proud as I can say I was an addict, I can say I’m on my 108th day clean even prouder! It’s life…

Renee Graziano pig

Well that’s good to hear your doing better and taken control of your life. Life is full of challenges, its up to us to choose which place we will take. Moving on, that girl also mentioned that you guys were never friends and wish you would quit saying such things. Please give this bitch her life…

Renee: That’s fine. I don’t wanna be friends with blow jobs who fuck for finances! Stop saying were friends? Been done that one honey! Friends don’t throw friends under the bus and drive it. And she’s right, how could I been her friend when she was driving and fucking way before me! She’s about as real as her fucking boob job! The bitch is a fucking liar. When I was 16, she was 19. Now that the show has aired, the dirty clown is 8 years younger than me! I’m proud to say I’m 43 and don’t have to pretend be younger. Don’t get me wrong, Carla is stunning for her age, even though I think she resembles Mr. Ed. But then again, I do have a thing for horses! (Pictured right: Renee & Carla “Friendship”)

(We both share a long laugh)

You know you is silly girl! Now Ms.Ed also said you” did nothing but bash everyone’s family’s fathers, husbands, boyfriend and god knows who else” on the show. Response?

Renee: I only bashed a few people on the show. One which was Karen Gravano‘s father, Sammy The Bull, which my apology was showed days after. I love Karen. I love Ramona. Hell I even love Carla’s ex husband Joesph Ferragamo. Now what I do owe is Drita D’Avanzo‘s husband an apology and what I said I do apologize for. But all the other shit I don’t. That bitch just mad because I bashed her low down, low life boyfriend who likes to touch his girls friends! Major Violation!

{Public record states that he’s been in jail for home invasion charges multiple times.

Well damn Renee, you don’t hold anything back do you? Love it! Oh yea, you also said that she was a home wrecker and she she responded that your just jealous of her always having boyfriends and never having a problem getting one. She even says that you, amongst some of your friends, were the actual home wreckers!

Renee: She got the wrong girl. That bitch nick name should be “Wrecking Ball” since that’s all she does is wreck homes due to her obsession with balls! Im not fucking jealous of her one bit. Ms. Ed need to shut her dick-lickers before I put a bit on her face and she’ll never speak, or slurp, again! Everyone knows Carla is a hoe. She was fucking Toni Marie Ricci husband, Mikey Scars, while they were still married! She also fucked Love Majewski‘s (one of the newly added MobWives in Season 3) man at the same time while she was in the hospital after suffering from a terrible car crash! But she’s not a hoe? Come on now! And as far as a man, I have a man.His name is Raul Conde. He’s a member of Fat Joe’s rap crew and a entrepreneur.

Renee Graziano & Raul Conde

Yea I do recall a twitter conversation between me and Joesph and he clearly stated that they were fucking while he was married. So Imma have to go with Hoe: 1 Angel: 0. Which was only months after she called me the F-word via Twitter might I add.

Joe Ferragamo

Renee: She fucking kills me. She is a homophobe amognst other things. I can recall dating a black guy and she referred to him by the color of his skin. But since you went to one Jay-Z concert and took a picture with Rihanna, you loving the crew now. Bitch please! She’s a dirty whore whose tricked with plenty of my friends! And she wanna mention friends,

Well I guess if birds of a feather, fly together than friends of a hoe are all down for a blow -n-go!

Because her friend was fucking the man I love the most in my life! And I’m going to end this conversation with saying if you ever bring my mother into this bitch, I’m jail bait!

Well that’s my Q then. Always a pleasure kicking it with you Ne’. Now to put this convo on paper! Luv ya

Renee: XoXo baby!

And the gloves are off! They said this would be the best season of Vh1‘s & Jennifer Graziano‘s hit show “Mob Wives

Will you be watching? #Mobwives

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