Neo SOUL ARTIST @IndiaArie releases new "Cocoa Butter" single


Ms. “I am not my hair” singer India Arie is ready to make her return in the music world with her new song “Cocoa Butter“. It’s been over 4 years since the singer released her last album “Testimony Vol 2: Love and Politics” and fans have been waiting to get their hands on some new India. With “Cocoa Butter”, released April 9th on iTunes, the 37 year old Grammy award winning artist, continues to sing about things that really matter to her such as her hair or her “Brown Skin”.  This woman knows how to move you with her words.
But as with every celebrity, the tabloids will talk. Earlier last month, Ms. Arie found herself in the middle of a debate on if she bleached her skin she’s so proud of for the cover of her new single. India told that ”

I’m still digesting that and gathering my thoughts because one of the things I learned about myself in the past four years is that if I ask God to be able to be a person who is heard when they speak then I need to be clear about what I’m saying. I just feel like this is something that people have inside of them that they’re projecting outward. I don’t feel a need to defend myself, but I do feel a desire to continue this conversation because it’s a real cultural pain in our community.

This girl is deep! Anywho, we look forward to the new album India & there’s rumors about a nationwide tour as well. “Cocoa Butter” is the first single of the album “SongVersation” dropping this June 25th. CURVY will keep you readers updated!
Click here to hear India Arie’s “Cocoa Butter

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