Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj’s much anticipated début CD “Pink Friday” hit stores and the online market Tuesday November 23. I knew that it was one that I would want because her two singles (and the added track she did as collaboration with Will I AM) are already on my favorites list. The song   “Your Love” was my summer anthem , and the sweetly sexy and slightly bitchy “ Right thru me “ reminds me of all my relationships when I was young  and too stupid to realize that it’s not completely normal to want to make love one second and want to kill the same person the very next.

Now let me first say this. I like Nicki Minaj. She seems tough and fun, she seems like the kind of person that you can hang out with and as long as you can deal with her slight mood swings you can enjoy her. Her music is a little bi-polar, which I guess is her persona since she portrays herself as, among other things, Bi-sexual. So her music is a bit bi-polar as I said the songs I like the most show a definite softer side. But like her voice , which goes from a super syrupy sweet  baby girl voice to a deep almost manly sounding bass ,  there is never a time when  you listen to this CD that you KNOW what is coming next .  Her Collaborations with everyone from Kanye West and Eminem  to Rihanna  and Natasha Bedingfield shows the broad range of her appeal but also is a little difficult for such a new artist because I have no idea  where Nicki Minaj is, where the  influences end and the actual artist lives .  It’s hard to pin point if I like her or if I am getting sucked into the hype, or conversely if I really do not like her or if I am just fighting NOT to get sucked into the hype.
My personal tastes are for her lighter , love type songs like “ Save me “ and  “ Fly” and the two formerly mentioned songs , and the fun dance songs like  “ Check it out “   but for the most part the CD has merit. The tracks are almost all at least good , with a few instant hits. The music is a little all over the place but it all works. She manages to adapt to the music, a feat very few seem to be able to master. Overall I would say this CD is 7 out of 10.

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