Old School Sunday: Chloe Marshall (Miss England 2008)

Welcome to our first edition of  Old School Sunday. Every Sunday CM will feature stories about Curvy Women that today’s media might of forgotten about but YOU should remember! The goal of Old School Sunday is  to inspire  and uplift struggling spirits by revisiting those amazing women who came before you! Yes you can do it! How do we know that? We are featuring weekly a Curvy Woman who has ALREADY done it!
This edition let us go back to 2008 where  Chloe Marshall became the beauty queen to break the mold by becoming the first size 16 beauty queen to make it to the finals of the 2008 Miss England Pageant at the tender age of 17.

Chloe was the first size 16 contestant to win the Miss Surrey title and advance to compete for the Miss England title. No she didn’t win Miss England but Chloe was crowned first runner-up in the Miss England Pageant and Miss

Teen UK in December of 2008. What  the media didn’t put emphasis on is the fact that  Chloe was the first Curvy Girl to ever advance to the finals of any MAJOR Pageant World Wide. She didn’t just make UK history, this bombshell made CURVY history!
She endured criticism,  was accused of promoting obesity, and received snide remarks. Her response  to it all was as graceful as a proper Beauty Queen should be…

Chloe was Quoted in 2008 saying: “I’m a size 16, I eat well, I exercise regularly ,  I jog, swim, and work out with weights. What I am promoting is a healthy girl who looks after herself and doesn’t try to force her body to be something its not. Everybody thinks you have to be a tall, slim blonde and I’m a curvy brunette” .

Last month at the  Curvy Revolution’s  Official After Party, I had the pleasure of hosting, I met Chloe for a brief moment.  She is all grown up,  now signed to Ford Models, and absolutely stunning.
Chloe Marshall,  Queen Miss Teen UK 2008, we recognize and appreciate your struggle against the media. On behalf of the Curvy Girls of the world we thank you for your endurance, being a positive role model, and most importantly for claiming your own body. We SALUTE YOU!

Chloe Partying the night away at the Curvy Revolution Official After Party

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