Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign For BCA With Latin Soap Star Maite Perroni

Last week, I was invited to a VIP event here in Miami to meet the new hispanic ambassador for Pantene’s beautiful lengths campaign. Since 2006, it has provided over 24,000 wigs for women. The event was hosted by the brand and latin singer and soap star, Maite Perroni. It was a luncheon held at the EDGE restaurant inside the four seasons hotel on brickell in Miami. It was to promote the campaign during October, which is breast cancer awareness month. Pantene is a P&G brand known to work for empowering men and women. I was privileged to be a part of an amazing group of women who were pros in the field of blogging/writing and social media. It was truly an honor to meet Maite and learn more about what beautiful lengths is all about. When you think of a celebrity no matter where they are from, you are not sure what to expect. I have been watching her novelas and have been a fan of hers since she began singing. I was truly impressed by her sincerity and down to earth personality. She explained to us her experience of having a mother who was a breast cancer survivor and the importance of showing support to those in need. When someone is going through the health issues and aftermath of chemotherapy and other treatments, losing their hair can be a one of the hardest things to face. They need something to help their self esteem and remind them how beautiful they are no matter what they are facing. After hearing her story, I was moved and inspired. The beautiful lengths campaign is part of the brands’ effort to get women with healthy hair to donate pony tails to make wigs for patients who need them. Make a difference and change someone’s life today by donating your healthy hair to this fabulous cause. The beautiful lengths hair care collection promotes strong and vibrant hair that also helps it grow. This is definitely an incredible cause that I suggest everyone look into. As we asked her various questions, the hosts asked us to talk a little about our media platform, etc. I can honestly say that I was nervous, but after I spoke about Curvy and what we stand for, I got applause and was so happy that everyone congratulated me for all of our efforts. We are all beautiful no matter what size, color, race, etc. The most beautiful thing you can possess is your efforts to help others. That is what this is all about! Honor those taken and surviving today and give back! For more information on the campaign and Pantene’s efforts, go to: or check out the facebook page: There you will find the North American ambassador, Zooey Deschanel as well as a video. Here is the video for the hispanic market:

Check out the Pantene facebook page for Maite’s campaign!

Here are some pics from the event:

Thumbs up!

Bloggers at work!

Maite Perroni

Maite addressing the table

Group shot of all the attendees!!! Working my fall look in my Igigi Svetlana dress! 🙂

Maite and I, she was truly a sweet and wonderful person! Plus she LOVES Curvy’s initiative!!! #teamcurvy

Until next time my Curvy beauties!!!! Remember that the best accessory you can own is your smile and confidence! Xoxo

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