Power Of The Pause

pause_sign_goAs we wind down to the mid-way point of 2013 could it be time to step away for a second from the next rushed thought of what’s next, the politely panicked thought of what hasn’t happened yet all while our finger remains perfectly positioned on the fast forward button? A little quiet time to remind ourselves of our first loves–what it is we really want and reconnect with the things that really really make our heart sing. It’s so easy for our schedules to be bombarded by the urgent and the pressing and the “911’s”.  Life happens, doesn’t it? But the wisdom that is found in deciding when it’s time to take a break to sit still or simply refuel is priceless.
I’ve stuck to my goals this year, focusing more than any recent time and with fewer results than at any other time. Yet I haven’t lost it–just yet, because as crazy as this may sound there is a steady confidence that the corner will or is turning as long as I follow through on my end.
I came to a point recently where I felt like I had earned a moment of a silent pause. It was time to shut down the pressure of the future and any guilt of the past and just sit still in the now. On a whim, I made a reservation for a one hour massage and reserved a few hours after to refuel by way of the therapeutic water circuit at the spa.
A second after making my appointment, as if there was any thought that this would be time and money better spent on something else, Maria Shriver’s commencement address to the graduating class at University of Southern California’s Annenberg popped in my inbox. The content so relevant to my present and the title snatched for this post.
Last Sunday as I sat in the healing waters calmed by my massage the present seemed both peaceful and new. How seldom we meet, as I’m usually rushing into the future or simmering on an error from the past. That morning I sat in the warm Dead Sea salt pool and did the detoxifying circuit I built a peace bridge between my dreams for my future and the future that comes. My happiness and joy won’t be stolen if my efforts take me to a place outside of my plan. Life unfolds sometimes as we hoped, other times, better than we ever could have planned, when we release the hold.
“Pausing allows you to take a beat – to take a breath in your life. As everyone else is rushing around like a lunatic out there, I dare you to do the opposite,” Ms. Shriver urged. “Pause and take time to find out what’s important to you. Find out what you love, what’s real and true to you so it can infuse and inform your work and make it your own. Live and write your own story and then be brave enough to communicate it authentically. Whenever you’re in doubt: PAUSE-take a moment. Look at your options-check your intentions-and then take the high road.”
Going to a spa may not be your thing, but take a moment to do nothing more than just inhale and exhale. Listen; really listen, to what your thoughts are whispering. Discern between your desire and the voice of wisdom directing you. Great therapy is found in the quiet unrushed moments. No wiser words are heard than when our soul speaks to us in the quiet.

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