Pulse Check: Are You Living to the Fullest?

An Open_Your_Eyes_by_vhm_alexIf you’re reading this you still have a pulse and a chance to create your life as you would like it to be written. The question is are you living and constantly open to each stage of development?
Complacency I’ve read, is the impetus of death, and the graveyard considered to be the wealthiest place as it holds beneath the ground so many dreams that were never given a chance at life, but instead died with its carriers.
Disappointments are to dreams, what change is to life. It is no respecter of persons and happens to everyone. In this world you will have to face them but fear not nor give way to some of the top killers of our growth:
Feelings of failure and inferiority
The ego and its playing field
The number one killer: Ourselves.
We fight for freedom like we need to fight for life with an unshakeable knowledge that it is meant to be experienced by all. Wake up each morning and regardless of how we ‘feel’ or what happened previously at the least whisper to God, the higher being you speak with, or simply into the universe that you are open to the day’s journey and desire to fully experience all that it holds. To trust the present is to be confident that what’s ahead is a plan that is working in your future. To resist new experiences and allow the past or fears to keep us stuck in a routine of believed safety comes at the cost of your life.
Show up today and each day with a desire, even if you have to push through feelings saying otherwise, knowing that the journey of beautiful new discoveries is before you waiting for you to be open to receive what it has for you.

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