Queen Grace Fall 2012 Collection

 Well, there are some fabulous collections being launched this season and I am here to share with you my thoughts on those that will make an impact. With that in mind I am here to share with you the amazing fall collection by Queen Grace. With their elegant lines and impeccable elegance, they are truly giving us amazing looks for fall. They truly combining that sexy and sophisticated look in a way that is ultimately timeless. I am so excited by this new collection as it brings so much beauty in the world of fashion. Without any further delay, please check out the newest fall collection from this gorgeous line:

Now, when working with a high end line such as this… You want to make sure to incorporate the perfect beauty items to complete the look! Here are some amazing fall collections that will go fabulously to create all the amazing looks you want:

It’s only fitting that with an amazingly elegant fashion collection, you use an equally gorgeous beauty collection. This Fall, Elizabeth Arden has launched flawless shadows in gorgeous shades that are revolutionary. In shades that embrace what fall beauty is all about!


Don’t forget their amazing ceramide foundation and powder:


And that perfect lipstick for Fall in a variety of shades:

So after all this beauty, I am sure you are more than excited to look into checking out these fabulous launches. For more information, go to: www.queengrace.com

Enjoy Fall my Fashionistas and make sure to make your statement by going outside the box! Xoxo

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