Raven Symone in Kontrol for the Body Issue

Raven Symone the singer-songwriter, actress, comedienne, dancer, producer, and model who is best known for her roles as Raven Baxter in That’s So Raven and her how-to video website called Raven Symone Presents is currently featured on the cover of Kontrol Magazine.  The actress had a lot to say to the magazine and you are getting a sneak scoop here!
Sharing a double cover with Pooch Hall she had much to say.  The young actress that has now grown into a woman and been able to keep her head above water and not succumb to the ills of Hollywood is certainly a different change.  She talks candidly about how she feels she has far more to grow and achieve.  Even with all of her accolades she feels like she has not accomplished all the dreams she set out to do when she was fifteen.  But she does admit she is happy with all the opportunities she has received  and been a part of.
When asked who inspires her she tells the interviewer that anyone doing what they love and making a paycheck from it gets her kudos.  After she is asked why she admires Janet Jackson she is simple with her praise that she finds Janet beautiful and that she has lasted so many years, which means a lot because that has kept her real.  Raven will be soon returning to television to star on ABC’s Family multi-camera comedy pilot The Great State of Georgia.

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