@RayJ disses @KimKardashian in new single!


…if I had one wish….. it’ll to be back with KIM!

Looks like R&B singer Brandy little brother is back in the studio trying to make a comeback with his latest single. The 32 year old has just released his new single ” I Hit It First” and we can only imagine who inspired him to write such a song… Any thoughts? You got it, rap sensations Kanye West baby mama to be, Kim Kardashian! And it’s not like Ray is hiding the fact that the song is directed to Kimmy because he has lyrics such as

“She might move on to rappers and ballplayers, but we all know I hit it first. I had her heading going North and her ass going South, but now baby chose to go West. No matter where she goes or who she knows, she still belongs in my bed”

Wow! So is this a total diss if he still feels as though Kim belongs in his bed? That’s up for you to decide but we can all agree that this was a total shot at Kanye! Ray even went as far as to use West blurred image idea, as he did for his “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and the image is non other than Kim. We can best believe that Kanye isn’t going to let this just ride. Im sure Kanye is going to give Ray J a few seconds of fame in a future single.
Ray, a few words of advice, move on! Kim sure has. But why didn’t go after all Kim ex’s such as Reggie Bush & Kris Humphries? I’ll take jealous for 200 Alex!

Check out the album art & single below!


***Update*** April 7th, 2013

Popular gossip blog MediaTakeOut has reported an alleged response from a close friend of Kanye West and Kanye isnt happy about this.  Even goes to tell Ray J to “Call Ye, when you hit the $100 Million mark. Oh wait, Ye “hit that first!” Read the article here!

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