HIT or MISS: Gabourey Sidibe at the Premiere of Showtime’s Homeland

I haven’t determined if I like Gabby’s stylist yet. I usually love her dresses but I always think why is her stylist not putting her in more figure flattering clothing? I’m really on the fence with this one. So let us know what you think of this igigi ensemble!



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  1. hit she looks like a princess

  2. Though the color looks great on her, it’s the style of the dress that’s not right. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. 🙂

  3. I like it. But yea you are right about seeing her in more figure flattering stuff

  4. i dont think that dress is right for her at all especially with that belt, it makes her stomach poke out even more . then could have had her wear a body shaper or add a wider belt . or maybe areal supportive bra . they could have made it flattering to her figure but iguess they just didnt care that much

  5. I’m on the fence with this one too….I love her work and think she is beautiful but not a real fan of her hair or dress in this one despite how cute I think she is….Time for a new stylist if you ask me.

  6. Miss!
    Avoid Jurassic colors settle towns are more flattering, you can add splashes of color to your gear to shoe off features but one solid color is not pleasant love her but she looks like a pumpkin tone it down on the carpet

  7. I’m not too sure about the color being flattering to her skin tone but the dress is hella CUTE!!! and she IS cute in it!

  8. MISS…good color but it seems like the support is MIA. The “girls” seems a little lopsided and the belt is too high. I don’t know if a-line is the best for her shape.

  9. I think it looks great

  10. This outfit is pissing me off. Her stylist needs to be fired. That color is not flattering. And her hair stylist knows NOTHING of hair obviously. This girl could be presented soooo much better with just a few things done differently. Her personality is awesome and she is a beautiful girl but her hair stylist and clothes stylist is a complete #FAIL.

  11. love the color and the dress.. But the dress doesn’t fit her right

  12. A Miss i love the color but she didnt need the belt!!! but she needs a stylist asap

  13. Miss. I think the dress is a nice shape, but ill-fitting in the boob area. I think the color is wayyy too loud too. Brings out more orange in her skin-tone.

  14. I like the color and with her skin tone…but to me the dress is not Flattering at all. It makes her look too frumpy. I would of not used the belt…been better to have the dress with some kind of cinching or gathering to make it more flattering for her body. To me looks like she is playing dress up…instead she should feel like she was born in that dress and own it!!

  15. The color fits her but the dress does not it makes her look flat chested and huge stomach. Her breast should reveal some and a wider belt with a different bottom. Maybe its the fabric. She is still lovely

  16. No!!! NO!!! NOOO!!! This is totally not what you want to be seen in on t.v. Orange this big on television..??? They’re making a mockery of her and she should have some voice by now on what she will and will not wear…Look at her face she’s not happy with this decision…probably knew she would get negative reviews.
    When is she gonna wear something that makes her figure look yummy or sensual if she is going to represent the big women/actresses…then she needs to step up more…and let the ” I’m big and sexy bell ring!”

  17. And lets not mention the shoes that show the bottom of her fee and don’t flatter her ankels…accessory..cause she could only “fit” a necklace…and the fact that a part of her bra is showing near her chest…come on…this is just a shame…

  18. I’m on the fence too, but more towards the “miss” side of it. I’d say “hit” with the pic on the right that is further away. It doesn’t look “that” bad. “Miss” with the pic on the left w/ the close up. “The dress then appears not to compliment her frame well. It could just be because of how she has positioned her arms in the first pic. IDK. Cute dress, just not quite right for her.

  19. I think she likes it reguardless if it flattens her or not. Her smile says “Hey im happy and loving life” who cares about how the dress looks. I wouldnt want to put on all those body shapers and “tie the fat down” pieces either, for what to satisfy the camera and people?? Its should be what she is comfy in, and how do we know that “she” didnt pick out the dress her self? I am down 53 plbs and have a lot more to go. Saying that to say, I know how it feels to wear all of that flattening and flattering crap, its easier to just be yourself and wear what feels good to you. IMO

  20. This dress is amazing and the belt is perfect and the shoes are cute…I think the main problem is that her body type is hard to dress. This is the problem with plus size fashion to begin with. A plus size body is not one shape, there are may different shapes that fat turns into and its hard to find the perfect outfit to work with all body types. As she has a big belly, the belt gives her a waist. The Aline of the skirt flares out as to hide the fact that her belly is bigger, the belt lifts the chest which makes the lower part of the belt appear smaller. Her stylists couldn’t have done a better job in picking an outfit for her. The orange is bright and looks great on her skin, the bold color shows she is not afraid of the camera, nor what other people think of her. Come on fellow plus size women, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be put on her. I think they did an outstanding job. I am also a big fan, and think she is so brave to face the criticism she has from the “skinny folk” of Hollywood. No matter how pretty, how talented, she is just FAT and that is a shame, so lets be positive to our sister Gabourey, she looks wonderful!

  21. In all honesty. I believe she needs a short hair style. The long hair doesn’t do her justice. She needs more of a short spikey cut to bring out her face more because she is a cute woman. A different belt and another pair of shoes is much needed in this picture.

  22. Big MISS! or should I say MESS! I like Gabby, but sometimes she needs to think for herself with fashions and wear what she feels compliments her body. NOTHING about the ensemble works or makes her look good. The only good thing I see is the color, orange compliments her skin.

    The shoes were a horrible choice! They only accentuate how big her ankles are…there are better shoes for a woman with that particular issue. I know what I am talking about, I used to have difficulty with swollen ankles until I started losing weight. I would have never worn shoes like that to draw extra attention to them.

  23. Gabourey needs a plus specialist stylist. Perhaps one of the “fatshion” bloggers with an apple/diamond shape could step in. I also think one of the issues is that she’s only 28 and the name plus stylists I’m familiar with deal with 40somethings like Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique. There’s a lot of fretting over Gabourey looking “old” in some of her outfits.
    Generally, Igigi has worked for her. During the Precious press events, I saw her in a beautiful blue-violet dress from there. Flattering, and she had great black wedge shoes.

  24. She looks good no matter what most of you think. I bet you are not all that yourself. Why is that people think so little of themselves that that find nothing
    better to do then judge others ? Rember god made us all.

  25. I would love to know what size she is. I read somewhere that she was an 18, but I don’t know if that’s true. Would love to know what she looks like in person. Anyway, I think she’s beautiful, but the dress is ill-fitting. Wouldn’t have used the belt, though. Love the color but she would look better in white. IJS

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