The SPANX End of Summer SwimSuit GIVEAWAY!

Sadly we are reaching the end of summer. SPANX and CURVY has teamed up to help your summer go out with a bang. We are giving away three SPANX swimsuits  randomly to our readers to have their last summer HUR-RAH! Like all SPANX products the suit’s breathable mesh compression liner smoothes the tummy, back, and love handles. The swimsuits smooths your jigglies while keeping you stylish.

ALL SPANX Swimsuits one pieces feature these slimming benefits and more:
  • Released leg openings offer secure fit without the squeeze
  • Four different bottom styles sold as separates allow you to choose amount of control and coverage
  • Select suits have adjustable, removable straps that allow for versatile styling and customized fit
  • Select suits offer soft, removable swim cups and built in shelf bras for ample support

Simply respond to this post and tell us about your summer time fun. What did you do this summer? Hit any hot vacation spots? Reminisce with us about your summertime fun! We will randomly select three winners. Each suit retails between $100-$200 so don’t miss this giveaway! Ends 9/9


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  1. I spent these last great days with Kendra. Swimming, drinking and rocking to old school britanny, mariah and embarrassing enough even some lfo. Gotta love old mixes!

  2. Moved from San Jose,CA to San Francisco, CA – I’m in need of a whole new wardrobe cuz of climate changes. Weekly visits to mom and friends in SJ, 90 degrees not uncommon there. Need that swimsuit to lay by the pool especially this Labor Day wkend.

  3. I had a pretty easy summer. I went to a lot of festivals like the greek festival the african american festival the italian festival in a few more . the best part of my summer was going to ocean city with my girlfriend and her son. There they had a special event for artistic children. they had professional surfers take the autistic children out in the water on surfboards. Just seeing the smiles and the laughter of the children made my entire summer fantastic

  4. My summer went by too fast!! I have a new puppy so many days were spent in the park, I went to Atlantic City and did a couple of beach weekends……hoping I can catch one more beach day before fall officially arrives!!!

  5. This summer I mostly worked, the highlight would be my cousin’s wedding I attended in fayetteville, NC! Beautiful ceremony and reception. I’ve only gone to the pool once this year but I am looking forward to my island trip in november! So a Spanx swimsuit would really come in handy *wink wink* lol

  6. I cocktailed it up by the pool in Fiji. I watched the shirtless Fijian boys strut about with their smooth chocolate skin. One must have good eye candy whilst on tropical holidays…..and of course a Spanx cozzie to boot!

  7. Spent the summer working out, working and visiting friends in Miami and Chicago. Also loving living in NYC!

  8. my summer was awesome spent most of my weekends wirh my neice from new york..and also celebrated my 40th birthday with friends and family.

  9. This summer I had the best time of my life. Actually it was the first time I got my passport staked when I left the country. I spent 4 nights in Negril, Jamaica. It was so beautiful. During the day I relaxed by the pool, walked the beach and did some sightseeing with the resort (all inclusive). By night I went partying…all you wore was a bathing suit and a cover up because all the party’s were at section of the beach at night. I was able to relax, open my mind and reevaluate myself. It’s worth taking a vacation once a year.

  10. My summer wasnt the best i worked alot being single mom is hard. But i did get to take my lil one to Great Adventures..she had an amazing time. Thats what made my summer seeing the smile on her face.

  11. I didnt do much of anything this summer but work. I went on vacation and visited some friends that i hadnt seen in a while. I moved into my first house so this swimsuit would be a great addition to my new place and give me an opportunity to show off in the pool!

  12. This summer I went on a mommy and son trip to New Orleans (left the baby girl with daddy) on what had to be the hottest week of the year. In between Jr. Olympic track meets we found time have fun in the sun. We even went on a swamp tour! And though most of the time I wanted to pass out, spending time with my 10 year old was refreshing.

  13. Boy, this summer really went quickly! got to take the boys to the beach only once due to a hectic work schedule. But, being in the NYC area, we did have the “added fun” of an earthquake and a hurricane, all within one week to remember summer 2011 by! ;•)

  14. This summer I got engaged to my best friend! With all that excitement, planning and mini vacations it flew by!!

  15. This summer I was told I am going to be a grandmother! This is my first grand, so I have spent the summer planning the best baby shower, shopping for cute baby clothes, and helping my daughter through her morning sickness. Excited, excited, EXCITED!!!!

  16. My summer was great with having fun with family,friends and plenty of food. I went on a awesome speed boat ride at pier 83 in NYC called the “Beast” riding at a fast pace down the Hudson river and took pics of the statue of liberty up close. My best friend and I went to a belly dancing class it was so cool because others that was around us dancing didn’t know big girls can rock n roll. Lol…..we loved it. I went to a vegan restaurant the food was good with flavor and healthy without all the extra calories. This summer was the best but I am planning for the summer on 2012 to top all the rest. Hmmmm……going to a horse dude ranch seems like a plan. *Hee Hah* Smiles.

  17. I spent this summer in my hometown enjoying the hot weather and going to locations near me that I hadn’t visited before. It was nice to actually enjoy my surroundings.

  18. I worked hard all summer, so didn’t get time to have much fun. But with any luck will be going to the beach this fall. Could really use a new swim suit and SPANX is the best company in the world.

  19. My summer was filled with friendship, and hard work! I work at a plus size retailer, and I am also a voice teacher, so I’ve been learning how to balance the two while I continue my job search to find a gainful employment I can grow in! Meanwhile, I also have been continuing to build relationships with co workers, and other people that I completely love….with a little relaxing and some Starbucks thrown in for good measure too! All in all, it might sound boring, but it was anything but. I’ve really enjoyed a time of growth and learning gratitude this summer. Looking forward to a fall filled with something similar- maybe even a new job. 😉

  20. Summer 2011 was memorable! I worked during the week but weekends were spent with my hubby and 2 sons. We spent time fishing, screaming and singing out loud at SF Giants games, took a trip up the California coast to Oregon, and also some relaxing downtime relaxing at home. Sad to see summer 2011 come to an end but looking forward to summer 2012!

  21. Very boring summer for me. There were a few weddings I attended as far as events. No vacation time only work. But with a little getaway in about three weeks, this prize will come in handy

  22. We spent the summer bbqing with friends and family in our backyard. We also spent some time on our little putt putt boat on the lake….its finally given out on us. Farewell putt putt boat….it gaves us wonderful memories…lol.

  23. i spent most of my time gardening and training my new pups. Its been nice being single and taking time out to do what you wanna do. the weather is always hot and swimsuit ready ….so yay for spanx suits!

  24. This summer I spent time with my children we went hiking swimming took a vacation to a lake in new hampshire

  25. This summer I spent more time at the pool. I had weight loss surgery a couple years ago and now have lots of loose skin to deal with. This year I wore a full suit to cover all my flaws and still was not happy with how I looked. I would love a Spanx suit to help me feel more comfortable going to the pool.

  26. I’ve spent most of the summer with my grandson. He’s 2 years old & a handful, but lot’s of fun. I took a trip up to my sisters house. I got to see both of my nephews, their wives & kids, as well as visiting with my sister!

  27. This summer my 8 year old daughter and I went to Florida for two weeks to visit my brother and his family. We spent one week at the beach staying in a condo at Palm Beach. It was beautiful and we had gorgeous weather. We spent the first part of the day at the beach laying out and riding the waves and then we spent the later part of the day laying out by the pool, swimming, and enjoying the hot tub and time with my family!!

  28. This was one of the best summers I’ve had in a long time. In June we went on a 1 1/2 week road trip across Texas visiting family in Houston, Sea World and Schlitterbahn in San Antonio and fishing in Port Mansfield. The next month and a half was spent with 2 nephews and a niece visiting and having a blast going swimming, roller skating or just sitting on the porch watching my kids and their cousins jump on the trampoline. We even threw in a week long girl scout day camp and a birthday trip to Schlitterbahn (yes, it’s just that much fun, we had to go twice) . Made a lot of great memories this summer that I will treasure when they all grow up and don’t think I’m cool enough to hang out with anymore.

  29. I would love to win a Spanx swimsuit!! I have looked longingly at every email advertising them throughout this past summer in the chilly UK but now my husband is taking me to Kissimmee in Florida next week so my summer is about to REALLY begin. He is going to take me on a 5 day cruise for our anniversary so I would absolutely love the opportunity to strut my stuff in a Spanx swimsuit! xx

  30. Well, it was a pretty quiet summer around here. Stayed close to home & swam in the pool. Hoping to get away for our 42nd anniversary in October. Will be going to northern Michigan where we honeymooned. The motel WILL have a pool this time! Hoping to win one of the Spanx swimsuits so hubby can be proud of me once again. Things just aren’t where they used to be after 42 years!!

  31. Summer for me, was nothing more than a swift breeze. I don’t know what happened to all those endless days that used to be? I feel that time had an agenda and she wasn’t waiting for anyone. Even though I have 4 children, I didn’t want it to end and for school to begin. We did a few things this summer, water park, ride park and maybe a BBQ or two. I still have so many things on my Summer TO DO activity list that haven’t been crossed off. Oh well, I guess my Winter TO DO list is going to be really long. I do have to say though, the time we spent together as a family, were memories that I will treasure forever. I hope my kids do too.

  32. I spend my holiday in Bulgaria, Golden Beach. What a beautiful place and such a friendly people.

  33. I spent my summer welcoming baby number two in May and trying to keep my inquisitive two year old active outdoors. It has gone too quickly!

  34. I spent 3 weeks in Pensacola visiting my best friend and made it special for their family since I brought her 78 yr old mother with me. I spent many days at the beach soaking up the rays on the white sands!

  35. Hung out with all of my best friends,went to the beach and had fun relaxing summer nights.

  36. I didn’t do much this Summer. (Not a lot to do and limited funds kept me home). I did dream about going to the beach and sitting in the sun watching the waves come in. Ah well.

  37. Hi,
    I took care of our tiny girls, younger one born april 3rd, while daddy build us a tiny cottage, where we can spend our next summer. On grandmoms own island, with all the lovely cousins!

  38. Made the most of my summer, though it didn’t start until mid-August here in Oregon! Went camping with friends and family, swam in the river, and had lots of bbqs. Lots of lazy days playing with my two kids in the yard with their swimming pool and lots of bike rides to parks and water playgrounds. All this while being pregnant (I’m due at the end of November) and working full time made for a busy, but fun-filled summer. Wish it didn’t have to end so soon!

  39. I haven’t had a chance to to go any where because I have been working all summer. I am looking forward to a mini vacation in October for my birthday.

  40. This has been one the hardest summers that’s weird because summer is my favorite season of them all.. I had to make a choice do I want to go back to. school or do I want to work dead end. jobds for the rest for mu life.. but it all. worked out I found a job that allows me to earn an education while making money.. it cost me my whole summer of jo

  41. This has been one the hardest summers that’s weird because summer is my favorite season of them all.. I had to make a choice do I want to go back to. school or do I want to work dead end.
    jobds for the rest for mu life.. but it all. worked out I found a job that allows me to earn an education while making money.. it cost me my whole summer looking for a job getting everything in order for school but it was worth it cuz next summer will be the best.. ill enjoy it more because everything I went through this summer and hopefully with a new spanx swim suite!!! Cuz I sure can’t afford it on my own!!!

  42. This summer was by far one of the best I have had yet! I was fortunate to travel a bit to some places I have never been to- always a great expirence! I am also an aspiring plus size model so I got to participate in a few photoshoots which was an amazing expirence! And in between all of this I hung out with my friends by swimming, bbqing, heading out to some clubs and making great memories! I couldn’t have asked for a better summer!

  43. I spent the summer at Ocean Shores with my amazing boyfriend, went to a few festivals and concerts, took care of my mother after a much needed surgical procedure, and went camping and river rafting with my family and friends. I had a great summer and am feeling very blessed!

  44. i spent the end of the summer with my 11 year old some kids from church and the neighborhood and went to the beach and went to this outside icecream parlor and hung out i really need a swimsuit im in florida love the beach plus been working out got that pouch im working on so pick me please:)

  45. I wish I could do this summer all over again because so many moments seemed to slip by. I did get to spend great time with my 6 yr old daughter who had the “best summer ever” as she call it. Guess that makes it worth wild because it was special for her! Just need some more grown up time for mom 🙂

  46. Hello my summer fun included spending QT with family on short get aways to nearby locations to save money in this rough time but fun was had by all.

  47. After being unemployed for two years, I finally found a job. My summer was spent looking for work and enjoying my kids. I also managed to find a really nice guy. Hopefully things will continue to go up from here.

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