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Barbie’s 55th Birthday is coming up on March 9!
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I attended an event here recently where I ran across an invitation to Barbie’s Birthday Party hosted by Charlotte Seen in Charlotte, NC. There will be a champagne toast, birthday cake, memorabilia, and more! It made me think of how much Barbie has changed since I was a little girl. I remember when I was seven and got my first summertime Barbie doll, Ken doll, and Barbie pool.

It seemed silly at first to think about how much attention we give to a toy. However, Barbie has become more than a toy. She is a fashion icon, best friend, and Matel announced this year she will be an Entrepreneur.  What was your favorite Barbie growing up? How you would you like to see Barbie debut next? Do you think Barbie has become more realistic and representative of women today?

After searching on Matel’s website which I had not been on for years you can find Barbie in every category fit for ages 3-12. The price for Barbie ranges from under $24.99 to $75.00+.

For more information on Barbie visit http://shop.mattel.com.

I plan to attend her Birthday party on March 7 here in Charlotte and cannot wait to see all of the memorabilia.

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If you’re in the Charlotte area on March 7 and want to attend Barbie’s Birthday Party which includes a Barbie Fashion Show and more! Visit: http://epicentrenc.com/event/barbies-birthday-party or contact the Charlotte Seen group at http://charlotteseen.com/.


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  • Who cares. She’s an unrealistic plastic doll that makes little girls have body image issues. Yay! 55 yrs of screwing up girls expectations of themselves.

  • Dnt say that Mattel gave a lot jobs to Community back in Brooklyn N.Y.C and one of them was my father cousins that’s how we got our Toys employee discount he was supervisor of the floor and my bros got Mattel Hot Wheels tracks But is she still a Virgin ? bs I heard gossip she have sex with GIJoe when she tour Kuwait LOL so she play Kent Dirty

  • I feel like less of a feminist and plus-sized advocate whenever I say that I don’t think Barbie dolls cause as much body image issues as we think. I dislike when people say Barbie causes little girls to have unrealistic body images. More unrealistic than big booty video vixens for inner city black girls, like I was, whose standard of beauty is a different shape than Barbie? How about all the skinny-minnies and itty-bitty-titty committee members who longed for bosoms like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Victoria Secret’s models? When we see that a girl compares herself and longs to have the shape of a plastic plaything does a diservice. There are many factors.

    My daughters love their Barbie dolls, and when they play with them, they play games of female empowerment. They had “gangs” of Barbies saving princesses from a Prince Charming car jacker. The Barbies are mayors, doctors, kings and warriors in their made up city of Dollyville. The current crop of Barbie DVDs/movies are all about female empowerment, sisterly friendship, team work, and eschewing gender stereotypes.

    Should we celebrate the birthday of an inanimate object? I don’t know…

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