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Africa Plus Size Fashion Week Brazil 2014


From the heart of Latin America comes Africa Plus Size Fashion Week in São Paulo Brazil. APSFWB focuses on plus size fashion inspired by African culture. The fashion event is founded by Luciane Barros in 2013  that began as a tribute to  international women’s day for Afro-Latin Americans and Caribbean.  Barros set out to create the means to raise the self-esteem of women, bring to awareness to ethnic-racial relations in Brazil and the visibility/invisibility of  black women’s presence in fashion.   The mission encourages  the promotion of  stylistic fashion that allow you to make the connection of the visual language with the deconstruction of a stereotypical aesthetic vision building on women’s diversity and its forms based on African culture and Afrodiaspórica.


This year’s event was produced on July 25, check out a few photos.





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