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Dresses For Spring

Dresses For Spring

How many of you out there are ready for spring? Sometimes winter just seems endlessly miserable. It’s bitter cold, your skin is as dry as the Sahara, and don’t even get us started on the havoc it reeks on your sinuses. Apart from the few and far between beautifully picturesque, snowy days, a few weeks of harsh winter is enough to make any girl consider packing up and flying south for the winter.

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Thankfully even if the warm weather is weeks (if not months) away for your neck of the woods, designers have already established the next biggest trends for the upcoming thaw. Take a look at a few of these that you can count on to help you look hot when the weather gets warm.

Bright Whites
These days, it’s blurry when exactly the cutoff and start dates are for when you should and shouldn’t wear white. A lot of people embrace the idea that the color should be reserved for certain points throughout the year, but thankfully that hasn’t stopped others from making it one of the hottest trends of the season.

Sometimes it’s hard to pull off a white outfit without looking too formal. But according to Cosmopolitan.com, it’s easy to pull off the all-white trend with a casual outfit. Whether you choose a white dress, white skirt, or all-white top, just make sure you keep your accessories simple. Try ankle boots, basic black leggings, or even simple accessory and hairstyle to keep things low-key.


Spicy Summer Colors
This year, bright bold citrus colors will reign supreme—think oranges, reds, yellows, and lime greens. If you’re worried about the attention garnered from such bold colors, don’t fret. It’s more than possible to wear these bright shades without accentuating every inch and curve of your body. Browsing WomanWithin.com you can find styles that are not only flattering, but meet the trends of the season for all different sizes and shapes. Not to mention you can take advantage of additional discounts, which certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to stock a new seasonal wardrobe.

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Revisit the Psychedelic 70s
The ’70s are back in full force for the upcoming season. Expect to see a lot of breezy A-lines, dresses adorned with fringe, blanket stripes, and button-up styles. To pull off the look, take some advice from the fashion experts at InStyle.com. They suggest that one piece of throwback clothing will keep you looking trendy without looking kitschy and overdone. If you’re unsure and not ready to buy a ’70s-inspired dress, you can fulfill the same effect with your accessories. Tap into the suede trend or sport a pair of knee-high gladiators with laser-cut shift to reveal just the right amount of skin.

Warm weather is just around the corner. Make sure you have the wardrobe to fit the season when it comes.

Happy shopping, ladies!

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