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Curvy Cutie: Andrea Chambers
Meet Andrea Michelle Chambers


Hi I am Andrea Michelle Chambers I was born and raised in Oakland Ca. I love who I was , who I am, and pretty sure I’m going to love who I will grow to into. I have always been on the F.A.T Side (Friendly, Adventurous, and Talented). I learned to love myself and my curves at a very early age. My curves were apart of me and learning to embrace them allowed me to walk with confidence. I just blazed the runway at the launch of the 4th Annual Evolution of Curves (Haiti Will Rise Again) Tour in Los Angeles, CA. My confidence was and still is my shield protection from all the negative energy people have sent my way over the years .

The belief that I was beautiful and that I was the way god wanted me to be helped me to one day realize that I really was Beautiful and so were my curves.  Because my curves were apart of me! Today I can say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY CURVES BECAUSE MY CURVES KEEP ME F.A.T FRIENDLY.ADVENTUROUS AND SO VERY TALENTED.

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