Taking it Back to the Drugstore – Your Favorite Drugstore Beauty Brands Take a High-End Turn

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 It’s 2018 and the internet basically runs the world. We are online a solid 80% of our life (We do have to sleep, I guess). Entertainment… Online, Television… also online and man don’t get me started on social media. Instant access to everything is the way of the world now and if you aren’t much of a people person you can order freshly made sushi, a fog machine and a live band to show up at your doorstep for a good ole fashion party night in (If that’s even a thing). All with a few flicks of your thumbs on your cell phone.

( Photo Credit www.istock.com )

With all of this access come hoards of companies trying to make top dollar including many beauty brands. E-commerce boutiques, click-your-items-and-buy Instagram stores and even stores made solely on social media groups have all made big profits on the click and ship mindset of a lot of shoppers. Buying online is fine and dandy and if you can get it shipped to you quick, even better but what I missed once I got sucked down the online shopping whole is being able to hold the product in my hand, swatch the color to see what it looks like in real time and being a chatty Cathy with the nearest beauty advisor.

This year a ton of house hold name drugstore beauty brands refused to take a backseat in the explosion of new beauty connoisseur’s hitting the market. Stepping up their game by doing some quality upgrades, rebranding & repackaging, and teaming up with some of today’s biggest and brightest social media influencers. These efforts have paid off tremendously in 2018 looking at the increase in numbers of the traffic buying in person. Keep up with the changes because they are just what we need to get us coming back to the drugstore.

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There were so many drugstore brands that had me in my feelings this year from outstanding quality to the low costs. I am going to show you some of this year’s greatest drugstore come ups. Oh and you’re welcome. 😉 

Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eye Shadow Palette $14.99  – 

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I know we are talking about the drugstore but man this beautiful pop of  citrus color eye shadow palette broke the internet as well as selling out in stores upon its first release. The product I am talking about is the Lemonade Craze Eye Shadow Palette by Maybelline. The colors of the shadows wowed even the most critical makeup lovers.  My go to look from this palette is to create a soft smokey eye by applying the colors citrus and sugar coated to the lid and outer corners of the eyes then sticking a smidge of the color lemonade craze on the inner corners to create an easy yet black look. Pop on a pair of lashes and some gloss and you are ready to set the town a craze. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color $9.99 – 

 ( Photo Credit www.revlon.com )  

Lips, lips and more lips. 2018 has seen so many lip trends, from those luscious lip gloss popping pouts coming back in style to the long lasting natural tint of lip stains and everything in-between. My personal favorite lip trend that’s turned into a lipstick staple is the matte lip look. There is something about having nice dewy skin with a completely matte lip that warms my heart. Revlon leveled up their lipstick lineup with their Ultra HD Matte lip colors. These lippies are long wear and not as drying as some of their competition. Leaving you with a marvelously matte finish; My favorite color is Glitz!

Kiss Glam Fantasy Nails $8.99 –

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The days of the flimsy 1980’s style press on nails are long gone. Kiss Cosmetics who is already known for their huge variety of nail tools, nail polishes and press on nails came out with a new line of nails to show the world why they are number one in the nail game. The Kiss Glam Fantasy Nail collection has a style for every type of nail lover. Short, long, squared, rounded whatever your pleasure. And what makes this line a touch above the rest are the very intricately detailed designs and appliqués in each nail set. Mega mattes, Shiny bright designs and even some holographic details will make you the life of the party, and fast.

Eylure Eyelashes “The Vlogger Series” $9.99 –

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Eylure lashes are literally some of the best lashes in the game right now. The touch and feel to these lashes feel like mink but are totally 100% mink free. The lash band is tightly bound and reinforced to assure you get your multiple uses out of their sets. These lashes range in style and size from the sexy slim natural lash to the full on double stacked glam lashes. My go to pair is the Nicole Guerriero Faux Mink set. Grab a pair of these for an easy way to glam up a look.

Milani “Make It Last” Setting Spray $9.99 

( Photo Credit www.milani.com )

Going out for a night on the town, Heading to your favorite music festival… How about running in a triathlon? Well either way your makeup will stay put in its place with this miracle working setting spray by Milani. The “Make it Last” setting spray retails at most places for about 10 dollars and it is worth every single penny. The mist does not disrupt your makeup and it doesn’t leave you greasy like a lot of the setting sprays on the market do. Milani really created a long wear and great finish for this product that shows in the sales and the happy faces of their customers. 

Well there you have it folks! What are some of your favorite drug store products? Let us know @CurvyRevolution on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #curvyrevolution so we can see what looks you are creating. Until next time 😀 

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