The Pillowcase developed by Peter T. Pugliese, MD

The Pillowcase claims to totally eliminate the mechanical damage to the skin from the pressure and stretch caused by a cotton pillowcase.
As an avid sleeper I know a lot about being comfortable when sleeping, and being a professional makeup artist I know how important good sleep is for your skin. So I put the pillowcase to the test. Now as a 26 year old African American woman I’m use to sleeping on satin pillowcases
so my hair is workable after a full nights rest but I decided to give up my ready to go hair so I could try out this microfiber nylon pillow case. I don’t have many wrinkles yet thanks goodness for good genes, but I do have these annoying laugh lines that seem to be getting deeper by the
day. So I figured I would see if the pillowcase could help diminish the visibility of my laugh lines or at least protect my skin from getting worse.
Here’s a little summary of the process that takes place with the Circadia Pillowcase: moisture from the skin passes into the Circadia pillowcase hydrophobic nylon fibers, and is transferred into the cotton backing and evaporates away from the head. This leaves a dry smooth surface skin while retaining a percentage of water in the skin layer, making it soft and pliable. Not to mention the pillowcase comes with a micro facial-exfoliating honey cleanser in an 8oz. bottle. How awesome is that?
So the first night I cleansed my face and slept on the pillowcase and of course I didn’t expect to see results right away but I did notice any blemishes I had on my face the previous night had dried up and my face was incredibly smooth. As the weeks went on I realized that not only did I not notice my laugh lines anymore my skin was super smooth and I hadn’t had an acne breakout since I had been using the cleanser and the pillowcase. I also noticed that even if I skipped using the cleanser and went to sleep as I sometimes do without washing my face I still woke up with blemish free smooth skin. I totally recommend this pillowcase and the cleanser for anyone looking for an easy age defying product that reasonably priced or for someone just looking for a great pillowcase that super comfortable and has awesome abilities it truly works!
I totally recommend this pillowcase and the cleanser for anyone looking for an easy age defying product that reasonably priced and truly works! For a full explanation of the science behind the technology please visits

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