@TheEllenShow & @Oprah Get's Real "Up Close & Personal" With Recent Guest!

Can you blame them? Mega talk show host Ellen Degeneres and media mogul Oprah Winfrey is know for their entertaining and informational interviews. But who say the girls can’t have fun?
Earlier Tuesday, the woman with the dance moves Ellen, interviewed multi-platinum artist and actor Ludacris. After covering topics like his recent work with “Fast & Furious 6“, new music and even his daughter website, the blonde bombshell then asked the 35-year old to show the crowd a gift she gave him before the show. Guess what it was? UNDERWEAR with the name “Ellen” stiched into the waistline! If your not into the latest men’s underwear trend, Ludacris showed off his terrific body on the show as well! Don’t we just love her? Ludacris posted on Instagram his action “packed” interview with the Chuck Taylor loving host!

Photo:Ludacris Instagram

Photo:Ludacris Instagram

Photoshopped my tail Ludacris!
Moving on, Ellen wasn’t the only one having “close” encounters with their male guest. “Life Chapter” creator Oprah posted a picture on her Instagram the same day as Ellen, as she filmed her latest chapter with “X-Men” star Hugh Jackman. We guess Lady O had other ideas for her dessert as she snapped a picture with the Australian actor, resting her hands on his highly known six pack as well! Even she couldn’t believe “those abs are REAL!”  Dang, 44 never looked so good!
Photo: Oprah Instagram

Photo: Oprah Instagram

Keep ’em coming ladies, you have our support!

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  • @TheEllenShow & @Oprah Get’s Real “Up Close & Personal” With Recent Guest! http://t.co/T3t5RlYM3e

    Christa McDuell (@classychrista)

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