The weekend of August 23rd, 2014 A new life began on the northern end of Las Vegas BLVD, The strip. SLS Las Vegas opened it’s doors to the public for the first time. Living in Vegas long enough to be a resident now ( 7 Years) I know just as any other local does, Las Vegas Blvd and Sahara was known as the part of the strip that you get to before you get to the actual strip. The only thing exciting on that corner is the “World’s Largest Souvenir Shop” but other than that for years, this intersection was simply a place you went past in transit.


Those days are a thing of the past. SLS Las Vegas has landed and is shaking up things on the strip.

This exclusive boutique hotel and casino “SLS Las Vegas” formally “Sahara Hotel and Casino” has received a $415,000.00 makeover and with every square inch of this place glistening from floor to ceiling you can see where all the funds went. SLS is owned by SBE the revolutionary global hospitality giants known for the elegant yet modern take on their award-winning properties.


LiFE isn’t just another Vegas nightclub—it’s an unbridled celebration of sight, sound, scene and form in one multi-level venue. Housed in the former Sahara Theater’s 20,000 sq. ft. space under 60-foot ceilings, LiFE features a smartly curated combination of both premier and up-and-coming DJ talent, a Funktion-One sound system, and a series of aerialists and performers that mesmerize.

The Sayers Club

Hollywood’s beloved live music venue brings its rogue spirit and sophistication to SLS Las Vegas. The refined, yet raw space showcases amazing and intimate live performances by emerging and acclaimed artists, representing the true Sayers Club experience – one that is built on sound and space. From its iconic stage to its Strip-facing outdoor patio, the nightclub welcomes musical talents and enthusiasts alike.



Our exclusive open-format nightclub with an expansive outdoor pool area blurs the line between luxe sophistication and uninhibited revelry. Foxtail acts as the party elite’s canvas, so go ahead – paint the scene.

The Monkey Bar

Our signature lobby bar is the ideal spot to transition from on-the-go to in-the-glow with a unique selection of cleverly crafted cocktails and beer. Monkey Bar doubles as the perfect chill spot with endless people watching capabilities. Located adjacent to registration, stop by to cause some mischief.

Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

A groundbreaking culinary experience, Bazaar Meat by José Andrés is the James Beard award-winning chef’s wild and wonderful celebration of the carnivorous, in all its forms.  Enjoy nuanced, playful cuisine and cocktails for which The Bazaar by José Andrés has become known on both coasts, in a strikingly seductive setting by Philippe Starck, in collaboration with Gensler and SLS Hotels.


Katsuya by Starck

Featuring the dynamic pairing of master sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi and design impresario Philippe Starck, Katsuya by Starck in Las Vegas is truly a feast for the senses. With specialty cocktails, unique rolls, and spectacular sushi and sashimi platters, Chef Uechi skillfully translates Japanese flavors for the American palate. The superb talent and exacting precision of Katsuya by Starck is changing the face of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese kanji symbol “Katsu” means “victory,” and it is fitting considering the loyal following of Hollywood A-listers and  critics the restaurant has won over.


Cleopatra is legendary. Cleo is unforgettable. Welcome to a Mediterranean-inspired reinvention of Tinseltown glamour, where new yet familiar flavors are enhanced by Old Hollywood charm, and every visit to this Las Vegas restaurant offers a menu of ever more delicious reasons to return. At Cleo, moving forward isn’t about revisiting the past – it’s about creating culinary classics with a modern twist.


There ‘s so much more to explore at SLS Las Vegas, I am sure with the coming months I will be able to say that I have checked out every spot in this property.

My highlights of the evening include the amazing door host for LiFE Nightclub upon entering you are treated with the upmost respect and customer service and as you walk in the “greeter” directs you to the entrance of what seems to be a little piece of heaven quoting their mantra “Welcome to Life”. It is a really nice touch and going into this venue for the first time it just seemed oh so right.


The bartenders and bar backs at the bar located inside of The Foxtail. Usually when I go out and order drinks, I keep it simple. Give me white wine or tequila and it will keep a smile on my face. But, because we were out in such a luxurious setting I felt the need to order myself something fancy. I took to the internet to find some ridiculous concoction just to half the full on experience. I was a bit worried because multiple times in the past with me doing my “fancy drink search” in Google the bartender has no idea what the drink is or how you make it. But no I ordered 2 different obviously decadent selections from 2 different bar staff and not only did they know what drink I wanted, they also offered an option of variations, needless to say I was extremely impressed.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria has to be hands down one of the best places to order a slice of pie. I have recently come off of an all vegetarian diet (which lasted for about 7 weeks) but I try to cut meat out of my daily routine as much as possible and when I tried the veggie pizza from 800, It was like a sensory overload of flavors. From the robust seasonings, the hand made dough and the extremely fresh vegetable selection, I will be back for a pizza pie much sooner than later.


Overall I am really happy and excited about SLS Las Vegas opening on what seemed to be a divider between the strip and downtown. Already you can see the construction of new buildings on the lots adjacent to the hotel and casino. This will bring more people, which brings more business which ultimately will bring more jobs to Las Vegas. I hope this weekend was just a taste of many great things to come from SLS. Thank you for the wonderful experience

Special Thanks to Jason Shaw and Paul Kim for taking care of myself and my team.