Vintage 1860's #CURVY Pin Up Girl Photos Released! (PICS)

Check out these pictures from world famous porn lover Mark Rotenberg personal collection of erotic art which currently holds over 200,000 images! According to, his collection began ‘in earnest’ after he found a pile of art and erotica in a dumpster in New York’s Brooklyn Heights in 1980. His neighbor, an heir-less man who had been hoarding prints, magazines, first editions, and pornography for decades, had died and when the City took over his estate, workers hauled valuable first editions out of the apartment, but everything else went into the trash.
Here’s a look at 100 years of vintage CURVY pin up girls from 1860-1960. We’ve been rocking the game for decades!
{WARNING: Images Below Contains Nudity}


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  • Vintage 1860?s #CURVY Pin Up Girl Photos Released! (PICS)

  • Vintage 1860?s #CURVY Pin Up Girl Photos Released! (PICS)

    Christa McDuell (@classychrista)

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