Picture this. It’s the 1930s. The buxom and voluptuous women of the time are more an underground indulgence. Seen at cabarets and nightclubs, they are women of the night, with curvaceous bodies and round mid-sections. These women are seductive, sultry, and sensual.
Alliteration aside, they bring something to the table which is unseen in our time- A complete and utter acceptance of every single part of themselves- including the soft parts.

Now time travel to the present. Our society has changed drastically. “Skinny Minnie” and “Thin is in” are popular and much coveted phrases. An obsession of “going under the knife” has turned women into raging perfection zombies.

So, where does that leave the women whose bodies very much resemble those of the ladies of the night from almost 80 years ago? It’s time to shed light on the subject. A curvy body is not a fat body. A curvy body is not an unhealthy body. Instead of being so focused on how many bones you are able to protrude, why not focus on your divine self, softness and all? In this day and age, women seek to fit in to an image they think is ideal because it’s what’s presented in front of them, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Fitting in is what is expected. To reach Hollywood-esque proportions in terms of looks. Standing out is what shocks. Why reach an impossible ideal when you can embrace those love handles, embrace those thick thighs, those big chests? Break out of the norm of what is expected and be your own person. You’ll be much happier and the best part- you won’t look like everyone else. Because when you look like everyone else, what will ultimately set you aside is your personality, and what is more alluring than an attractive woman?

A woman who is self-assured with an easy smile and complete self-confidence.

Of course, the biggest question- How do you achieve this when the media is constantly throwing out angry, anorexic models at you, and not-so-subtle statements of “IF YOU’RE ANY BIGGER THAN A SIZE 4, YOU ARE FAT!”?

Well, the answer is simple but not something easily done. Analyze your mind first. How much time do you spend in front of a mirror? How much time do you spend obsessing about your weight? How uncomfortable do you feel watching a movie where the girl gets naked, and you feel shame?

If any of those questions hit home, it’s time to redefine your standard, sister.

Make it a point to not do these things today. Or tomorrow. Whenever you’re ready, but know that deep down, only you can dictate how you want to feel and how you want to look. Don’t fit in, completely and utterly attempt to stand out. Ultimately, the women who stand out will
make an everlasting impression. And there will be no need to go back in time in order to be proud of what you have and who you are.

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