With the promise of a New Year shining brightly ahead of us, what resolutions will you make for yourself in 2011? Going on a diet? Losing Weight? Getting down to a size 6?

Diets Don’t Work.
Most people think the only way to get thinner and control what they eat is to go on a diet.But with a near 98% failure rate, dieting doesn’t work for most. That’s because diets fail to address the emotions that keep you eating when you’re not hungry. They also reinforce a negative self image keeping you thinking of yourself as a fat person. And that will directly affect your level of confidence.

The Mind/Body Connection: What Messages Are You Sending Your Body?
Your thoughts are very powerful because they are constantly creating your reality. Since your mind and body are interconnected, think about what kinds of instructions you’ve been giving your body.

As I was going through my certification training to become a coach, I learned about the power of our beliefs and how our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies. I realized that according to the law of attraction, we attract that which we spend the most time thinking about. What have you been thinking about your body?

How ‘bout you? Are you struggling with hating your body? Would you rather die than bare your thighs? I have some advice for you. I’m guessing that you’re probably thinking that if you were to make a decision to accept your body and stop dieting now, it would be like giving up. It’s not.

My Experience of Learning How to Accept My Curvy Body
As a woman who has spent most of my 48 years going on and off diets I’ve wasted a lot of time wishing and hoping that I had thinner thighs, comparing my body to every woman around me, never quite being satisfied with anything I did. I felt that unless I could lose weight and keep it off, nothing else mattered. I swore that I could only be happy if I were thinner. But when I finally lost the weight nothing really changed. My problems still remained and within a few years I faced my worst fear; regaining back the weight I’d struggled so hard to lose.

One day I realized I could either continue hating myself and my body and live forever in fear of food, chained to a diet, or learn how to make peace with food and friends with my body. I chose the path of least resistance and decided to learn how to tune into the wisdom of my body. As a result of that, my confidence is at an all time high. Here’s what works for me:

  • No More Dieting
  • Nurture Yourself and speak to yourself lovingly and gently
  • Emotional Freedom Technique: My best loved secret to courage in a bottle. EFT is a simple stress relief technique derived from the ancient science of acupuncture. It really works.