Spring has sprung Curvy Girl! Have you?

Are you excited about your life?

Use the energy of this season of renewal to kick the “Oomph Factor!” in your life up a notch!

Let go of the winter chill and warm things up a bit! A new and wonderful you is just waiting to spring up and bloom in living color!

Time for some “spring cleaning”…and I don’t just mean your closet space!

Look around inside your life and see where you need to let the sun shine in. Open the windows of your soul and let the light into all the dark, neglected corners!

It’s Spring, and love is in the air! Start a new love affair…with yourself. Make a promise to notice what you love about you instead of looking for what’s wrong or missing.

Redecorate from the inside out! What in your life no longer serves you? What would you like to add to your world that brings you joy? Make room for it by tossing out the old so you can bring in the new!

Create a list and then just do it!

Take a class, learn a new language, add some color to your wardrobe…most of all make sure to put the focus where it belongs…on you