Get the Fat our of Your Head
Are you struggling with a fat and ugly self image? Always putting yourself down, hating your body? Feel like a failure because you can’t stop eating? It’s not the fat on your body that needs to be addressed — it’s the fat in your head. Your thoughts are making you fat!

Are you a curvy woman struggling with hating your body? You’re not alone. Despite the fact that over 60% of women in the U.S, are a size 14 +, according to research, nearly 4 out of 5 of us, are unhappy with our bodies. Are you one of those frustrated four? As a proud ‘n confident curvy gal and former body hatin’ affiliate, let me give you some insights to inspire you to choose a path to lovin’ the skin you’re in.

You’ve probably learned to think of yourself as a fat person. It may have come from years of dieting, comparing your body to other women or listening to what others had to say about their own bodies or yours. If your goal is to be slimmer, you’ll never get thin as long as you’re thinking fat.

All Change Starts in the Mind

Scientific research in the field of mind/body medicine has demonstrated for years that our bodies and our minds are interconnected. That means that not only can you make yourself well or sick by what you think, but your thoughts can make you fat. In the same way that professional athletes are trained to use their mind to achieve their goals, you, too can learn their secrets. It starts with paying attention to your thoughts.

Your Self Image: The Mirror of Your Mind

Your opinion of yourself and perception of the kind of person you are is stored inside your mind. Your self image is that part of you that you can’t see that affects everything you do, feel and think. It came from years of growing up, learning and listening to the good, bad and the ugly people who have touched your life. It’s these mental tapes in your head that keep you acting out patterns of behavior that are making you miserable. Consider this as being like a very uncomfortable comfort zone. It’s what you expect. It’s what you know.

If you’re constantly doing and saying things that tell your body you’re fat and unlovable, it’s because you believe you are.  Your body will respond by giving you more reasons to think you’re right. You’ll find yourself eating out of control, unable to stop obsessing about food, feeling all those different flavors of not good enough, and caught in a tangled web of constantly putting yourself down, looking for reasons to pick yourself apart.

What Can You Do?

In the 40’s Albert Einstein proved that everything, everything, everything is made up of energy, even your thoughts. And broken down to its smallest bits, everything has a vibration. According to the law of attraction, we’re in a constant state of sending and receiving signals all the time. Mind your mind. It’s those “I hate my fat thighs” thoughts that are your worst enemies. These are the buggers that must be challenged in order for you to look and feel different about yourself and your body. Next time you catch yourself tossing a whopper your way, ask yourself is that really true?

Andrea Amador

Andrea Amador, CEC. M.NLP is The Juicy Woman. She is a Body Image/Self Esteem Expert and a Professional Certified Empowerment Coach

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