Your clothes are the perfect way to emphasise your assets but at the same time, hide the things you don’t like. Skinny women with small curves, might want to try and create a more rounded figure, whereas curvy women should aim to draw attention to their womanly shape. This blog post will show you how to dress for both figures.

Online shopping is a convenient and hassle free way to purchase a new outfit. If you are busy on the internet doing other things, whether it is playing Foxy Bingo or writing an email, you can easily dip in and out of online shopping. It is also a great way to compare prices between retailers. However, it can be difficult to tell whether an item is flattering without trying it on, so you should try and remember which styles suit you best.

Skinny – Women with boyish-like figures tend to lack curves and have a rectangle shape. However, some styles of clothes and designs can create the illusion of a fuller figure. If you are of this build, try avoiding vertical striped patterns because this will make you look thinner and taller. Instead, wear horizontal stripes because this will add width to your figure, making your waist seem smaller and give you a curvy shape. Alternatively, avoid tightly fitted clothes because this will only show your slenderness. Instead, wear fitted jeans with a baggy shirt or top, then add a thick black waist belt. The baggy top adds volume to your top half while the belt will pinch in at the waist and create a curvy effect. In addition, accessorise with small jewellery because large items will swamp you and make you look smaller.

Curvy – For those plus size women, you shouldn’t try and hide your figure under a baggy shirt, instead emphasise your curves proudly. A gently fitted dress which nips in at the waist and gently flairs out is a flattering style. Add heels to the outfit to make your legs look slender and long.