First let me tell you this. After one day I am sore. Now I didn’t push through the whole workout yesterday , something I have decided I will not allow in the future since I am the guinea pig for all of you, but I still feel the sore areas on my body. My “Bum-Bum” is a little tender.

Today I did “high and tight” the sculpting routine , but I chose not to do it with extra weights or body bands because I did not want be worried about the weights while I was trying to learn coordination of the steps. It was , as it turned out, an excellent choice. I felt the tightness right out the gate. I widen my stance to increase body weight resistance and I can promise you , I feel the heat in all my lower regions.

There were very few steps that gave me difficulty in learning them today . The “ 1,2,3” was a bit challenging on that side because of its “ front, side together, back” that I kept hearing backwards. I probably got it wrong in this passage.
For the record ,I LOVE weight bearing exercises . I love squats , and lunges even though they tend to kick my ass ( no pun intended) the most . So, for me this was a treat . I felt it , yes , but I also felt good . The floor work was largely standard issue . Your garden-variety kickbacks and high squeezes but it was challenging . Again, today I did not use weights but I felt them just as much without them.

Tomorrow I will be doing “ Bum-Bum Rapidio” and “ Tummy Tuck “ , so I will be working the stomach ( Abdominal) area tomorrow , which admittedly is my greatest weakness. So wish me luck.