It is surprising the number of women that believe that self esteem and self confidence are the same thing. The truth is that they are not the same thing, they are similar in nature but they are two very different things.  Self-confidence is only a small part of self esteem. Self esteem is a large puzzle and self confidence is one small piece of that puzzle.  They are in the same family something like fraternal twins, they come from the same place but look different.

Self confidence mean that you have the ability to do things successfully. Self Confidence has more to do with action and belief as you carry out different tasks. A person that is confident in themselves has strong belief in their ability to accomplish anything that they put their minds to do. It is possible to have high confidence in some areas of your life and low confidence in other areas of your life. An example of such is that you may have confidence in your cooking skills/abilities but lack confidence in modeling or fashion. Your confidence level has a direct affect on how well you manage to accomplish or carry out whatever it is that you set out to do. A woman that believes that she can lose weight will more than likely do so much more than a woman that does not believe that she can lose weight. Self confidence has a major affect on your success in various areas of your life in the simplest ways.

Self esteem has more to do with how much you value yourself. Self esteem is your perception of how you feel about yourself regardless to what you can or can’t do. Self esteem is your attitude about the person that you believe that you are. It is your attitude about yourself and who you believe you are. Self esteem is bigger than self confidence because self esteem is the bottom line of who you perceive yourself to be in all areas of your life. it is the totality of your entire perception of your self, whether be it how you feel, what you can achieve, how you treat others, how they treat you, the things that you go through in life and how you deal with them, your belief about who you are, body perception and the list can go on.  Self esteem effects your relationships with people and the kind that you attract into your life. Self esteem affects who you are as a whole.

In order to change your life you must understand the difference between self confidence and self esteem and make it a point to begin by increasing your self esteem and self confidence no matter what the meter reads on your gauge.

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