You don’t have to lose 100 pounds to feel sexy. If you love who you are but don’t like the way you feel about your body there are minor adjustments you can make.

Get in Shape. You exercise to lose weight. But exercise has more than one purpose. It can be a form of stress relief. It can also help you tone your abs, thighs, arms and butt. You can do simple exercises like walking, squats, or purchase and elliptical for home use. Thirty minutes of activity a day can improve your health and your mood.

Drink Water. You love soda. You love Margarita’s, and green tea’s however, the things that taste the best aren’t always good for you. If you slip off the water band wagon it’s okay. Forgive yourself and start drinking more water. Just because you are curvy does not mean you can ignore your health. Water is essential for healthy living. So treat your body right!


The right fit. Curvy women are fashion forward. However, many designers don’t make clothes to fit our body type. Do some research. There are great designers out there making clothes specifically for plus sized women and men. The better your clothes fit the more confident you will feel when you wear them. Say good by to muffin tops, camel toe, and plumbers crack. Say “HELLO” to a sexier you!

Add Color. We understand why you love to wear black. Black is slimming and it allows you to hide imperfections. However, you don’t want to walk around looking like your going to a funeral everyday. Bright colors make you feel good. In the winter time when the weather is gloomy liven up your wardrobe. Add blues, reds, and purples. Color says, I look good because I feel good.

SAVVY SHOPPER. Find patterns and styles that highlight your curves. If you are lucky enough to have large  breast don’t hide them. They don’t have to hang out or hide out.

If you have large breast, stay away from tops with high or round collars. High collars shorten the length of your neck and put negative attention on your breast. Instead where v neck collars. They will lengthen your neck and highlight your assets.


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