Aren’t you tired of hearing that summer is approaching and you should lose some weight? I sure am, but it may be the truth. It is a fact that the pounds seem to pack on in the winter. In some cases, you may be walking less, enjoying those holiday dinners and simply just getting enough exercise. Losing weight and being healthy can be different from one another. You can be fit and fabulous at any size but let’s see what qualifies you. If you can go up three flights of stairs without being tired then you should be in that category. Remember there are women who are considered small but aren’t fit and healthy enough to walk up those three flights of stairs. There is a reason why athletes usually jog up stairs for cardio and endurance. Not to mention the killer legs.

Some tips to get you a bit healthier as the summer weather approaches: 
  • Look at what you currently eat daily and decide what you can afford to remove.
  • Start your day with 2 egg whites and fruit for breakfast. The light breakfast will give you more energy throughout the morning.
  • Make bagged fruit for when you want to snack throughout the day.
  • Never fry foods when preparing meals. Try baking, slow cooking, or grilling.
  • Exercise on an elliptical for about 30minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Ellipticals are easier on the knees and will burn more calories than walking on a treadmill.
  • Pick up those hand weights and use them. Building muscle helps the calories burn off faster.
  • Pass on the alcohol; it advocates fat around your midsection.
Those few tips are starters in introducing fitness into your life as the summer season approaches. Most importantly, forgo the fad diets. Becoming fit should be an overall lifestyle change. It does not mean you can’t ever have a chocolate chip cookie for lunch, it just means that you can bake tilapia for dinner (a healthier option).

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