A healthy lifestyle change you can make…..

Typically curvy woblcmen are not vegans so the lifestyle choice that The Vegan Stylista, Bonnielee Cuevas blogs about intrigued me. Not only has she taken the meat, cheese and dairy from her diet but she has excluded it from her closet and everyday purchases. Bonnielee made this decision a little over a year ago after going through a divorce. She’d been a vegetarian the majority of her life until she got married and had to create different meals to appease the household. Creating double meals became straining so she gave in and incorporated meat into her diet. Once divorced she knew one of the first steps was to return to her vegan eating regime but took things a bit further.

For 30 days she made the switch to delete anything from her life that came from an animal. That meant no diary or meat in her diet and no clothing from manufacturers that use animals in production. At the time she was writing reviews for a luxury handbag company and decided to stop because of her lifestyle choice. Selling all her non-vegan purses she wrote one final review and offered the company a suggestion. “I told them that even though they offered beautiful handbags they should adopt an animal cruelty free policy and the offering would be even more beautiful.” Cuevas said. She now shops at eco-friendly stores like Forever 21. Cuevas, “It’s really easy with technology to locate stores in the mall that subscribe to the non-cruelty of animal manufacturing of their clothes. Smart phones are a great resource.” She now says that every item she has in her closet and wears have real meaning to her.

The greatest impact of this change has been the result of her family making some lifestyle changes as well. Her 70-year-old grandmother has given up meat completely and her fashion industry chums have really taken note to her persistent change. She’s received countless positive tweets and email messages about her decision and is even scheduling her fashion week coverage to attend shows that promote animal cruelty free clothing. She admits to losing a few followers however when she made the lifestyle change. Her 27 pound weight loss and increased energy level are confirmation enough that she is on the right track.

Cuevas offers some suggestions for those that are thinking of going the vegan route. First her advice is to search one of her favorite social media sites Pinterest. “Take an hour and PIN recipes, cruelty free clothing, tips and suggestions”, she says. Cuevas continued, “It’s better to take it one step at a time instead of overwhelming yourself with books that might not offer the best philosophy for making the change.” Her next recommendation is to take one day to live the lifestyle. “Don’t eat anything produced from an animal and purchase only animal cruelty free products for one day then over time increase that.”, said Cuevas. Finally Bonnielee recommends joining a social media group for sbonnieleeupport.

It’s Bonnielee’s hope that more people are encouraged about the changes she has made in her life and that they will follow suit. She wants people to look at it as a fun alternative for inspiring a healthy lifestyle. Bonnielee’s message is, “You don’t have to give up who you are, you can enhance who you are, a better version of you.”

You can follow Bonnielee on Twitter (@bonnieleecuevas), Pinterest/Facebook: BonnieleeCuevas and her blog The Vegan Stylista or Bonnielee Cuevas [dot] com.

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