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The Harsh Reality: @1OakLV by @LightGroup Doesn’t Want Fat People In Their Venue

There are so many beautiful woman that are a part of the plus sized and curvy community. We make up 67% of the U.S. population which in fact makes us the MAJORITY not the MINORITY. We come from all walks of life models, medical professionals, wives, lawyers, directors, C.E.O.’S etc but at the end of the day to some people none of that means a thing, you are just an overweight person and anything beyond that holds no meaning.


As some of you guys know I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada and cover many events between here and Los Angeles. People consider me to be the resident “party girl” covering anything from artist performances, model castings, music festivals and everything in between. With that said I would like to inform you all of the horrifying experience that I was put through at a nightclub here in Las Vegas.

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 was supposed to be a great day for me. Not one of my regular party nights at the club because I had 2 of my friends come visit me from out of state and we were going to see our favorite Dj/producer group Major Lazer at 1-OAK nightclub located inside of the Mirage Hotel and Casino. We had planned this trip for about a month getting our costumes, making signs and decorating our accessories. The day starts off well my friend and I did some last minute shopping at the local mall and gogo stores looking for the perfect finishing touches for our ensembles because the theme for the costume party was Kung Foo/ Ninja as we wait for my third friends flight to arrive. We all meet up get ready, take pictures of our outfits and were just super excited to see our group perform. We head downstairs to go to the nightclub and this is when the trouble begins.

We arrived around 9:45 – 10:00 pm with 2 of my friends as instructed by our promoter and was denied entry multiple times with the claims that we were not on guestlist. At first I just took it in stride and said maybe there was confusion or a mis-communication that caused this to happen, UNTIL I overheard 1 promoter and 1 security “whisper” to my friend that in fact we were on the guestlist but

They aren’t going to let you in as long as your with HER

This her that they were speaking of was me. So I then told my friends that if they were not going to let them in due to the fact that I am overweight then I would not go and they could go in and enjoy their night. They would not stay without me so we decided to then go to a different line with different staff with the hopes that he/she would help us gain entrance to the nightclub. Another road block, the 2nd employee appeared to be a security guard but I am not sure as to what his position was. I walked up first alone and before I could get anything out of my mouth he says “ Umm I don’t think I can get you in over here but maybe if you go and umm talk to one of the guys in the grey suits they might be able to help you” I said ok. I told my friends what they said and we decided to contact the promoter to see if maybe there was a mix up and that maybe it wasn’t what it seemed to be. Both promoters confirmed that we were all on guestlist and that we should get back in line without any problems. We then proceeded to get back into the same line and this time my friends went ahead of me, they were then greeted with the same guards but I was a few paces behind them and he said AGAIN, “I told you not with her” then at that point I could not take this cruel treatment any longer and I quickly walked away from them crying. Why should I be treated so rudely and inhumane at a public establishment to the point of crying ?

As I walked away 2 young ladies that are employees stopped me and asked me what happened and offered to give me a hug, I proceeded to tell them what happened to me and their own employee stated to me:

Oh yea they are jerks they do that all the time, They only want the hot girls in the club, It’s really messed up”.

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Sounds like a A&F moment right? After they calmed me down and I stopped crying long enough to collect myself I said there is no way that they are going to get away with doing this to me. I was then instructed to the Manager, I can’t remember his name and I told him my situation. He then told me I’m sorry I don’t know what I can do for you, then tears started to fall again. He then said hold on and for me not to make a scene, then walked away. I went to look for my friends and they told me that the promoters said if I want to get in I can go buy a ticket and they could go in on guestlist. My friend offered to buy tickets for all of us so we could go in together. I told them no, If this is how this place is going to treat people I don’t want to go in there. As they hugged me and told me that they were sorry the staff was being so rude to me, the manager then walked up behind me and gave me 3 (three) tickets to get in. He then walked us up to the front of the line and said “Here” and walked away.

WHY ARE HUMAN BEINGS BEING TREATED LIKE THIS ? I literally fought tooth and nail to get in because it was for my favorite group, if it would have been for ANY one else there would be nothing here to talk about because I would have just left when I got disrespected the first time. Since I have come home and had time to think about how to handle this I have been getting so many responses about this same type of thing happening to other woman of size. It breaks my heart to hear the stories that I have heard over the past 24 hours about how the nightclub industry is very blatantly displaying size discrimination. A friend of mine brought up the fact that “Night club is allowed to let people in based on “beauty” that’s essentially what they do.” OK I get it everyone’s perception of what is beautiful is not that same. I GET IT. But if that is the case the employees at 1-OAK should have been notified by their employer that there is a way to “Not let the fat girls in” without embarrassing us and talking with the PEOPLE WE CAME WITH about how “I am” the reason they are not being allowed in. This has upset me greatly and caused total embarrassment for me . If this has ever happened to you, please speak up about it. It is not ok for people to get away with treating us like this. Let our voices be heard !

 In the end I guess free entry will fix the assassination attempt of my self esteem, yea right.


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  • Hi Jazzlyn!! This is my first time reading a post by you & I just really want to give you a hug right now. That type of experience is so many things. I appreciate that you wrote about this and put it out there as well as called that club out on what they have done. Its frustrating & I’ve been there myself with a few Hollywood clubs (one I had tickets to a performance, the other I was with a group of friends) and so far one Las Vegas club (at Paris I believe) I haven’t written about it partially because its embarrassing and in the past when I have brought it up people look at me like No Way as if I’m exaggerating so I just left it alone. I understand the dynamics of the “club atmosphere” but this is just out of line. Even if someone doesn’t have self-esteem issues it’s still hurtful & frustrating when things like that happen. Why should they be allowed to get away with shaming people? Looks like you’ve inspired me to tell about my experiences on my blog 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

    Oh and they could have kept that form letter apology. (side eye)

  • Jazzlyn, thank you for making your experience public so people can support you! Do you know that NAAFA (www.naafa.org) is holding its convention this weekend at the Westin (less than a mile away from the Mirage)? I am going to send this link to them and maybe there is something bigger that can happen around this if you want some support.

  • Being that you live in Vegas you should know better, if they treated you like crap.. complain to management, get your free drinks, down them and had to the next club that will accept you. Being from Vegas and plus size, I never had this issue but again if i did, I would just move on and say f#&! that place. It’s good your standing up but you know it isn’t going to change anything. VIPs pay big money to have a table in these clubs and gawk at the rail thin coke head whores that will bottlerat it up and go back to thier hotel rooms… sad but true. So you can’t hate on a company just trying to cater to thier clientele. Yes, the approach was wrong but its pretty rare and I don’t think it’s worthy of national media attention.

  • Jazzlyn! I cannot believe this has happened to you. I am a fellow local and a size 20/22. I’ve never had this happen to me! This complete BS. I cannot believe they wanted to just give you a couple of drink tickets when they could easily comp you a bottle. I am now boycotting 1Oak. Effe that place. You’re beautiful, no matter what they say! XO

  • Try going to Vegas as a fatty and only staying two days and not being let into anywhere trendy. Yeah it sucked. I got hit on by tons of hot hot men and a few women but no access to anywhere cool.

  • In response to ” thats the way it is deal and move on” the only way to make a change is to ‘make a change’. Maybe I will buy my way in and demand no one allowed in under size 20. Lets see how they deal with that!

  • Sadly, I know that your experience is not uncommon in Las Vegas. I had a DJ friend here in Vegas tell me several years ago that the doorman/bouncer motto here is “over 8…make ’em wait”. I am an activist with NAAFA. We are having a convention at the Westin this weekend, as mentioned earlier. I’d love it if you were able to come by. If you can come by, go to the 2nd floor “loft” where our registration is located, ask for Peggy Howell. They know me around there. If we can, we’d like to help.

  • Happen to me a fes times here in Hollywood jazzy. I HAVE been documenting it we can start it up I havs time and places and venues lets set it off,we are not slackers and just because were the healthy types doesnt mean we dont want to have fun! Im with you lets take a stand.

  • What gets me is the manager told you to “don’t make a scene”. Seems like he’s very aware of this no fat person policy. Shameful behavior. And I’m very disappointed the LIGHT Group is allowing this. I have supported them for years in several different ways. I send my clients to their VIP hosts all the time. NOT ANYMORE! This is despicable

  • Jazzlyn, BRAVO to you for telling your story. Continue to do so. Clubs may have the right to allow whoever they want into their clubs but to go a step further and embarrass a potential customer is just beyond reproach.

    It could have been handled better and should have and that pittance of an apology…I wouldn’t give them the time of day ever. I guess high school never ends for some people.

    In response to M, I feel sorry that you are so numb to the conditions of being mistreated that you think that someone else’ pain is not worthy media attention.


    You might be able to swallow other people’s bad behavior but thank GOD Jazzlyn has the balls to expose those who should be ashamed of themselves.

    Hot women come in all shapes and sizes and no woman should be made to feel less than just because she’s not a size zero.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I travel to Vegas every year but have always shied away from the club scene in fear that I would be denied because I am a big girl. A girlfriend would like to go to one, so I am trying to do a little research to find one where we won’t have an experience similar to yours. What are some clubs in Las Vegas that plus size gals are accepted in? I definitely do not want to go to the club mentioned here.

  • Hi Jazzlyn (ha that’s my niece’s name so I like you aleady!) this is my first time reading your posts and I have to say you should be applauded for handling things as well as you did. I am so sorry you had to go through such a humiliating experience all because of the bias and ignorance of a few people.

    You are a beautiful young woman so keep your head up and hopefully these fools will get a clue that real beauty comes in all sizes!

  • That’s really brave of you to keep trying. What a bunch of idiots. I hope they all are forced into harassment training and then suspended indefinitely without pay!

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