66141_530012377020484_2105642761_nWhat if we really are our biggest roadblock to our dreams? That the boundary between what we yearn for and where we are is our resistance to let go of the ‘expired’ situations that no longer serve us, the thoughts of what should have been, what isn’t and what angers us?

What if our fear of what could go wrong has caused what’s right to not show up because what’s wrong is what we bring forward with our thoughts?

What if the job we want, the goals we hope to reach or our next climb up the ladder is pending on our lips to mouth the words and our hearts to believe them: “I’m ready?”

What if the love we want is on the other side of the time we decide to love ourselves as we are, where we are, and with no terms and conditions? To realize how perfectly flawed we all are. Accept the scars and the stripes for the story they carry with them. Has one ever been so bold, so brave, so fierce as you? To climb the mountains and run the miles you’ve ran in your time. You’re something amazing if no one else has ever told you, and you struggle with believing it for yourself. You really are. Don’t be so hard on yourself. They’ll think you’re pretty awesome too. Let go of your past and see just how much the future loves you.

What if we opened ourselves to the idea that the desires we hold dear want us as badly as we want them? And could possibly arrive in our lives by so many different routes. The journey taking us along many different scenes of growth, sadness, joy, hurt, some losses, some gains, new friendships, deeper relationships bring an extra shine to your glow—if not immediately, eventually. The beauty of resilience cannot be denied. What if, though you may not realize it, you’re well on your way to the dreams in your heart?

The drug denial romances us into a bubble of pretending. On the surface we master appearing to be richer than we are, more confident than we are, healthier than we are, someone other than we are, and happier than we are. In so doing we abort the needed steps to change our reality and hold ourselves prisoners to untruths unnecessarily. What if we stopped concealing the wounds of the things we don’t like with the land of make-believe and came to grips with it all? Truth is so freeing. Transparency is the bridge to the confidence in the fact that our perceived failures do not define us and can (when given the chance) lead us to our greatest strengths. Beneath this very big smile are tears I’ve once cried, things I have failed terribly at, doors to dreams that were completely slammed shut, personal losses and shames, but a soul who wanted nothing more than to give my light in life one more chance. So I get up, and keep going. Undefined. So can you.

What if in this moment you committed to doing what’s in your control to change the things about your life you’re not too pleased with? We always have options and its never too late to begin working towards the life we want.

What if everything you ever wanted is waiting for you to simply Believe it will happen. Believe that you are worthy of it. Believe that it’s yours. And hoping that at some point in the near future –like now, you will be ready to unapologetically show-up to receive it all. Shake off low-thinking, self-disqualifiers and shame.

What if this season we spring forward in our thinking and functioned in such an understanding of who we are so that circumstances don’t sway our view of our true worth?

Ask yourself this as many times as needed, what if it all worked out?