After her feature on the Today’s Show her popularity soared. But Sonia Kang was a Sonya Kang- Curvy Inspriations photosimple working mother with a hobby of sewing. Like most mother’s she wanted her children to learn more about their cultural background. Sonia decided to create clothing at represented not only their culture but create tags to help them understand more about their diverse background. Which bloomed it to a clothing line for children that is simply amazing!

Sonia Kang was born in Puerto Rico, and was raised in Hawaii. Her husband is from Korea so her children have a diversely cultural background. She started going from a few outfits which her children would wear to school, to her clothes being featured on the Today’s show in December of 2012.

Sonya Kang- Curvy Inspirations Photo- 4Her family made up of 6 her husband and 4 children are very supportive of her business. In fact her two oldest 21 & 15 help her  with orders, and packaging. Her youngest two children are models for her brand. Her husband is her partner, and helps with whatever needs to be done.

Volunteer Work:

Sonia Kang has dedicated her life to doing volunteer work to improve her multiracial community through service, advocacy, and raising awareness. She is currently Vice President of the Multiracial Americans of South California (MASC).

MASC provides cultural, educational, and recreational activities to the multiracial community. This helps to build awareness and understanding to the public about the issues that the multiracial community face today. MASC is a 501 ( C ) 3 that has been established for more than 20 years.

They also help provide an outlet for those who are of multiracial backgrounds by providing them a place to share their stories. Mixed Space is a section of the website that allows community neighbors to tell their story to the multiracial community. Visit for more information on The Multiracial Americans of South California.

She is also a foundation board member at North Ridge Hospital Foundation. You can visit their website by visiting

One-on-One With Sonia Kang:

We spoke with Sonia Kang in a one-on-one interview. Here is what she had to tell us about Mixed Up Clothing and her experiences as a working mother.

Q: How did you get started?

A: “Well being born in Puerto Rico & raised in Hawaii I was always interested in knowing more about my culture. Than with my children being Korean I wanted them to learn more about their culture and background. And sewing was just something I liked to do.”

Q: How has your family adjusted since you started Mixed Up Clothing?

A: “Once they realized that It wasn’t just a hobby they have been on board. My family is fully on board in fact they help with the business. My husband is my business partner. And my 15, 21 year old’s help with packaging and inventory. Even my two youngest are involved as models, and are my brand ambassadors.

Q: Do you have any advice you would share with future woman entrepreneurs?

A: “You can do it, there are a lot of reasons not to take that leap of faith but work on your craft everyday, and you will do it.” She went on to say “Balance is a daily struggle, schedule your hours.”

Sonia Kang- goes above and beyond to improve her self, her family, and her community. She is an extrodinary woman. To learn more about Sonia Kang visit her website Mixed Up Clothing at or her on Facebook at Kang- Curvy Inspirations Photo-2

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