In a world where everything is go go go… We have to slow it down, take a break and appoint some designated time to relax our mind and our body. For me this time is during my bubble baths ! Bubble baths are no longer an act of just cleansing, now bubble baths are a full on event of their own. Making your bubble bath special for you really boils down to what makes you feel relaxed. Some like music, mud masks, and even mediation. There are a long list of relaxing alternatives to ease your mind. Here are a few of our favorite tools to assure a nice relaxing experience.



I have my bubble baths down to a beautiful science as to what makes me want to unwind. I am a product junkie so I look for good bath products. Exfoliation, releasing muscle tension and tons of bubbles are key to creating an environment of peace. Skin care in the tub is also a great way to force your body to unwind, so start off with a face mask or a scrub before you even step your pretty little toes in the water, letting your body know it’s chill time.


A Clean Face is a Happy Face

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder $65.00

tachariceenzymepowderBefore getting hopping in the tub cleaning and exfoliating my face starts off with my favorite miracle product. Tachas’s Rice Enzyme Powder is just the trick for removing any left over makeup that wanted to hang out with in the tub as well as a gentle way to exfoliate the sensitive skin on your face. Ideal for normal or combination skin. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing.  Dermatologist tested. Created with conditioning pearl extract.



Something for the Senses

Lemon West Lavender Chamomile Soy Candle $20.00

lemon west candle curvy magazine

Calming scents and lovely smells are a must to put your sense of smell at ease. These cruelty-free Vegan soy wax candles by Lemon West always put the mind at ease. These candles come in such a wide range of scents and cute little packaging you won’t be able to get enough of the smells. And, these candles are made with pure essential oils so not only do they smell great they are good for you.



When all else fails, Bring on the Bubbles

Basin White Bath Bombs $19.99


I mean it’s not a bubble bath without … BUBBLES ! Bath bombs are a way to fill up your tub to maximum capacity of bubblelicous action. These fun little bombs by Basin White bring life to what would be a just a tub full of water. Their bath bomb barrel is a great way to start if you aren’t too familiar with the products. You can even ask for the “favorites” which will include the most popular and frequently purchased bath bombs.

“Rest Those Legs Buttercup”

Dr. Teals Soaking Epsom Salt Solution $11.00


Soak your sorrows away with this epsom salt solution, Dr’s teals bath salts and solutions come in every form. Muscles hurt, they’ve got you, Can’t sleep, they got you, Need more moisture …. You get the point. A personal fave is the Dr. Teals Detoxify and Energize mix with Ginger and Clay. Oh buddy when my muscles get to aching this stuff does the trick and it’s just something extra special about the ginger that makes me just never want to leave the bath.

“Books Are Food for your Brain”

Me before You by Jojo Moyes


A good book in the bath tub can be the difference that turns a 30 minute soak into an hours long journey. Sometime in our quest to ease our mind, the brain likes to stop and think of every single thing that you need to do. That’s why books are a great tool to relax your brain by distracting it from the inner workings of your mind. This best selling author Jojo Moyes has written quite a few books that we love. Me before You was actually created into a movie, the Beautiful Emilia Clarke plays the lead role of Lou along side sexy stud muffin Sam Claflin playing the other leading part of William. (Side Note:Movie premiers in theaters this weekend if anyone wants to go check it out)


“Tried to Think of a Cute Quote… But Bellinis tho”

Stella Rose Imperiale Prosecco $17.99



I like my drinks like I like my men… Big, Strong and full of flavor ! Finally we have made it to the booze section. Stella Rose anything is fantastic but the yummy for my tummy when making all of my bellinis is their Imperiale prosecco. To make this delicious cocktail add 5 ounces of Stella Rose Imperiale Prosecco, 2 ounces of Mango juice, Juice of 2 lime wedges, And add a cute little lime wheel for garnish. I like this tropical version of the classic bellini, it takes you away to some sort of island paradise all from the comfort of your own bathroom.