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Food is NOT the Enemy: How Kelly lost the weight



Weight loss is a sensitive area for some, very difficult for many. People spend hundreds of dollars and some even choose more drastic approaches such a surgical procedures. No matter what method you choose the goal is the same, to live a healthier more active life.IMG_0393-2

2015 was a year of UP’S and DOWN’S for Kelly and food was used in celebration and as a source of comfort. Heartbreak, public failure, disappointment.After being denied the surgical procedure for weight loss, Kelly knew that she had to gain control with her diet. She recently become aware of the increase in her size from a photo shoot. Prior to didn’t fully realize the weight that she had gained.FB_IMG_1466658882188

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Through nutrition she began her path!Kelly has lost 102 pounds in about 8 months! She now teaches others how to do the same. Food is no longer her enemy. “It’s a mind thing”. “I now eat to live, not live to eat.”

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  • I enjoy articles on exercise, movement and how to incorporate more wholesome foods in your day. But why a weight loss article? Losing weight does not guarantee better health. Secondly, keto isn’t for everyone. I’m following it to lower my glucose levels, not to lose weight. Lastly, is the author a nutritionist or medical expert? I’m neither but am fairly sure that the pyramid is misleading. If you check websites on the keto way of eating, they recommend drinking plenty of water.

  • First of all, kudos to Kelly for making the decision, and having the perseverance to lose over 100lbs. Good work.
    However, I must say I was very disappointed to see this article, in fact, the lead article in Curvy magazine. For the first time ever, I felt body shame in a publication that I previously found empowering on the subject of accepting my body size. Rather than read it from cover to cover as I usually do, I deleted it. If I want to be shamed and have yet another diet regime shoved at me, I’ll start reading the plethora other magazines that I’ve given up over the years because their content didn’t speak to me.t

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