Women's Day Feature: Author, Radio Host, and Curvy Girl Deshai Cole

deshai-cole pic 2Speaking out about inspiring women in life we often find ourselves wearing many hats. Deshai Cole is not new to wearing many hats in fact her closet it full. She is a mother, author, radio host, and all around advocate for women.
Currently in Atlanta Deshai hosts a radio show on Tuesday night’s @ 9:00 pm EST. You can listen live online by visiting her website www.DeshaiCole.com or follow her on twitter @deshaicole On the radio show she hits on many controversial topics relating to life and asks the questions many want to hear but are afraid to ask.
Deshai has an aptitude for causing controversy with her up front, to the point, blunt opinions on the show. This dubbed her “Miss Mouth of the South”.
Author- “30 Ways to Please Your Man” Deshai Cole release her book “30 Ways to Please Your Man” intending to helping women understand that if you have a good relationship you should take care of it. As women we understand that we are always growing in life, in careers, and even in love. The book gives us new ways to view our men, support our men, and even help ourselves in the long run. Deshai says “ the women the book was written for will understand it’s purpose, and like the book.” while there are several women who are still not sure about it’s message take offense to the name, remember to “never judge a book by it’s cover.”
Woman’s Advocate- Ultimate Girls Fest Deshai Cole is also the founder of “ The Ultimate Girls Fest” which is a weekend event for women to be empowered, uplifed, and talk about any topic with like minded women. The event allows for women to express themselves, and feel comfortable asking the questions they normally would not. It includes a panel of men entitled “ What Men Really Think” that allows men to be open and answer the questions we want them too. The Ultimate Girls Fest also has career seminars, live entertainment, and diner & cocktails.
Fun filled weekend of learning, relaxation, and entertainment for every women. Learn more at www.ultimategirlsfest.com Deshai Cole is every women, she is the laughter of a best friend, the joyful and nurturing side of a mother, and a voice for all women. So on this Women’s Day we feature her for her efforts to help improve our women.
Deshai Cole Quote: “ You should feel good in the skin your in.”
It is important for us as women to encourage, inspire, and empower our fellow women, no matter their size, age, or ethnicity. We are all powerful and we are all beautiful.
We can’t be wives, mothers, sisters, or friends if were are not happy with who we are.”Deshai Cole Deshai Cole Pic
One-On-One with Deshai Cole:
Here are a few questions with Deshai Cole in a one-on-one interview.
Q: What made you write the book “30 Ways to Please Your Man” ?
A:“There were a lot of outlets for women to find out how to get a man, how to tell if your man is cheating, but there were not a lot of outlets for women on how to keep them, and discussing the importance of taking care of their men.”
Q: What are some response to your book?
A: OMG…I love it!” and “What about pleasing myself?” but for the most part women were pleased with the outcome of the book.
Ultimate Girls Fest:
Q: What was the wildest thing that ever happened at “The Ultimate Girls Fest” weekend?
A: Being Shut Down – In the earlier years of the Fest we got too wild, and they said that we were having too much fun” and shut us down! We don’t hire strippers but I do have handsome men entertain the women. They give them roses, conversation, and so fourth on the entertainment part of the fest. And the women were too happy, and too loud and they shut us down.
Deshai Cole Pic 3

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