You Ran Your Race Well

boston marathon
There has been a lump in my throat from being in awe at how well you ran your race…of life. The stories of you just being yourself really, brought me to a pause to think on how I was living my life. Even at the finish line you commanded everyone’s attention. It gives me chills just thinking about the ground you covered. You started and you ran; and your journey – regardless of where you are, is still continuing. You took from me the excuses I at times hold so close on why I have yet to begin. You removed any doubt that our purpose here on earth and the lives we will touch far exceeds the limitations of our own thinking.
When the lights were dimmed and darkness tried to prevail you beamed and showed us all not only how much we can do collectively, but that there is indeed still so much good in humanity.
When the laps of life tried to clip our sail and bring us to complete ruin, even then you were there. Pushing us to the epitome of resilience and gave us strength that was once dormant to fight our fears. You taught then it was okay to get angry, but not even, sad but not bitter.
Near the finish line you taught us to dig deep and yet deeper to search for the truth as to why it is that we are really here.
The comfortable cruise down the road was interrupted by a few reminders… our fragile being, the power of love from humankind and that there really is no such thing as tomorrow as when it arrives it is today. This moment.
When I run, I know you’ll be in the power of my legs running with me. I’ll remember then as I do now as I will always…how well you ran your race.
I pause for a moment, to think of everyone who has been affected. Together, we will run our next race.

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