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When it comes to season’s changing, we have to change with it. This includes fashion, color schemes and even hair looks.  During the summer, we try to prepare with hot new nail polish colors, swimsuits and sandals. No matter what, the right accessory is most important. It can be that perfect necklace or bracelet. The reality of it is all that is so fun and important, but the most imperative and number one accessory you will ever need is sunscreen. When you spend all day outside either at the beach, pool or outdoor event, your skin takes a beating. It is vital to hydrate, moisturize and protect it. For children this is especially critical because of their soft and sensitive skin. They can burn easily, so we have to be aware and prepared.  All good brands come in children’s formulas designed for their protection. They can also come in spray formulas to make it easier to apply. It is also good to be conscious of your climate.  If you are in a drier heat, you need moisture. Humid climates can be havoc on the skin, making it oily so the right product is important. AVEENO® natural protection with mineral block technology is perfect and made with oat to soothe the skin. It comes in formulas for babies and adults alike. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch is perfect for everyday use and is formulated with helioplex for ultimate protection. It works wonderfully under makeup as well. It applies sheer and flawless to go under makeup. So when you are out looking for that fabulous new swimsuit and sandals to match, take a pass by your local drugstore. The best part is that unlike the summer’s ever-changing trends, this is the one accessory that will always be in style! Stay safe this season and remember to hydrate and moisturize always.


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  • My #1 beauty accessory is lots of sunscreen (SPF 40 or more).
    Ever since I came to Arizona, 10 years ago, I had to start wearing sunscreen when I went outdoors. So, ever since, I had never had a sunburn ever again (not for 10 years now)! It’s my favorite beauty product now.


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